MBA students ask…

What will be my salary?

What will be my perks?

What will be my designation?

But Corporate India wonders if your student would ever ask…

How will I contribute to organisational success?

What is my career path?

What will be my role and responsibilities?


Are your MBA students completely Corporate Ready?


The answer to all your worries is BIZLEAP

BizLeap is a series of Training Programs adopted from World’s best resources for management education. It includes programs like the Market Leader, a program developed after 12 years of research by the Financial Times, and Longman. The programs are adapted to industry requirements so that the candidates are prepared to meet the requirements of Corporate India.

The program arms students with both business and domain skills that give a distinct edge to them during Campus Recruitment.

Business Skills: Prepare students on business skills to make individuals more effective in organizations. We cover Business Communication, Problem Solving, Personal and Interpersonal Effectiveness, Networking Skills & Interview Skills to ensure that candidates meet the expectations of employers.

Domain Specific Skills: The students get exposure to different domain specific roles and get adequately trained to handle frequently asked functional & behavioral questions during campus recruitment.

Key Highlights

World-class Learning Infrastructure

We implement the best learning infrastructure in partner colleges that takes learning beyond the four walls. Our infrastructure includes:

  • VSAT enabled digital classrooms
  • Learning and Knowledge Management Systems
  • Assessment Engine
  • Online Student Portal with discussion forums and collaboration tools

Industry Engagement Platform

To develop Business Perspective and Context, management students must engage and interact with the industry on a continuous basis. PurpleLeap Industry Engagement platform makes it feasible for the institute by bringing the industry at your doorstep. It uses:

  • Guest Lectures and Case Study Discussions
  • Internships and Projects
  • Mentoring and Coaching

Quality Placements

PurpleLeap provides the platform that makes it easy for potential recruiters to access talent spread across colleges.

  • Online Platform with data of assessed Candidate Pool
  • Campus Recruitment Events with Corporate Partners

Global Partnerships

We bring relevant partnerships with Global organizations that benefit partner colleges.


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