Learning beyond the four walls

Industry Academic Partnership Program for an Enhanced Higher Education Experience and Ready-to-Deploy Talent

PurpleLeap provides Industry Mapped Professional Training and Development Program as part of our academics to make students ready-to-deploy talent for the industry. We invest and provide the best learning infrastructure in partner colleges.

We provide the following infrastructure and facilities through PurpleLeap Atrium for Career Excellence (PLACE).

  • World-class Learning Infrastructure

PLACE provides cutting-edge learning infrastructure that takes learning beyond the four walls of classroom. The college will be equipped with:

*VSAT enabled digital classrooms for industry interaction and training by SMEs

*Learning and Knowledge Management System

* Assessment Engine for periodic evaluation of students’ performance

*Online Student Portal with discussion forums and collaboration tools

  • Industry Engagement Platform

To develop Business Perspective and Context, Engineering students must engage and interact with the industry on a continuous basis. PurpleLeap Industry Engagement

Platform makes it feasible for the institute to bring the industry to its doorstep. PurpleLeap Industry Engagement Platform enables:

*Guest Lectures and Case Study Discussions

*Internships and Projects

*Mentoring and Coaching

  • Industry mapped Training for Professional Development – Making students Industry Ready Quality Placements

*We provide domain specific opportunities to students.


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