How to improve your language skills

Topic: English – How to improve your language skills

Below are the Q-A sessions in Rediff chat answered by Amit Bansal, the founder and CEO of PurpleLeap.
Asif asked, Knowing only grammar or vocab doesn’t improve speaking English. Structures must come in mind in different situation. How to improve fluency in this regard?

Amit Bansal answers, Reading will help. Pick up various pieces talking about different concepts or situations. Watch for patterns and structures. Now for some time mirror it till you creates your own style. It’s a matter of practice.

aq asked, hello sir I am a male i speak English fluently with males but when i talk to female i stammer sometimes i do not speak please suggest what to do
Amit Bansal answers, Talk more to females 🙂

akruti asked, Hi Amit,I get nervous in front of an audience and so when I get to make presentations I work myself up to a tiff. This usually results in me having a bad headache and by the time my presentation time is up, I’m so highly strung that I can go into a limbo. Then once I start, I sometimes stutter and get embarrassed. It happened today also. Do you have tip on how I can improve. This is really killing me.
Amit Bansal answers, Akruti you must practice in-front of the mirror and ask you to be less conscious about making mistakes. No one is a perfect presenter and each one has their follies. I think you are just getting too worked up about presentations because with the way you have written your query i am assuming you have good communication skills.

Sunnyy asked, Hi I want to improve my English language both Speaking & Writing what is the best way?
Amit Bansal answers, well you can start blogging. This will help you practice writing; at the same time you can find new words to improve writing. The same new words can be used while speaking as well. Pick up a quote or topic and talk about your opinion on the topic or quote and record yourself. Listen to the recording to identify errors. I think this practice will help. You can bring in variations to keep the interest alive.

Amit Bansal says, another very good way to learn English is to think in English as well. Most often people think in their regional language and then translate it in English. That does not help at all.

SKULLSLANGUAGE asked, I am nervous to Speak English wht to do? Whom should I speak more???
Amit Bansal answers; you can speak in-front of the mirror and also record yourself and listen again to identify errors.

Gurwinkle Singh asked, HHmm I have a question, I watch television quite a lot so,Is it right to speak in english by hearing it from Hindi or any language which is locally understandable for the person and try to have a command on English
Amit Bansal answers, Translating from Hindi to English will not be very helpful. Because in doing so sometimes we make literal translations which are often not correct. Best is to watch programs in English.

Vishal asked, please tell me the easy way to remember the words which we learn
Amit Bansal answers, Learn words which can be used for everyday conversation. So the best way to learn is to use a thesaurus where you can find a synonym or antonym. Take that word and keep using it in sentences till you are comfortable remembering it.

Meenakshi asked, hi sir, My main problem is speaking English, although i tried a lot also joined some english speaking course too, but it did not help. I am working as Executive Assistant but bcoz of my this weakness I could not grow as per my exp. please suggest what should I do to improve my language skills
Amit Bansal answers, Hi Meenakshi, were you able to identify what specifically is the problem with your language skills.

Amit Bansal says, this response goes to everyone on the chat. Spoken English is a skill and only practice will make you perfect. So speak more English, use dictionary to check the correct pronunciation and learn one word every day.

IAM asked, How to speak in English fluently? Tell me Steps to achieve that
Amit Bansal answers, English learning is a skill. Most of it happens with practice. I suggest first check if you’re written communication is error free grammatically. Then move on to spoken English by speaking about a topic or recording yourself. To improve your vocabulary it is important you commit to learn one word a day. Once you learn the word make sure you use that word very frequently so that it becomes a part of your daily word list.

SACHIN asked, Sir, Last one month I am listening to audio lecture through my Mobile but most of the hard lecture I don’t understand what can I do? My way is correct or not. Please give me your valuable suggestion
Amit Bansal answers, Listen to the lecture more than once. As many times till you finally figure out the words in the entire audio. Listening it once will not be very helpful.

Hi asked, I have nervous to speak the English language. What to do?
Amit Bansal answers, Nervousness will go only when you try speaking more.

Sadheesh asked, I want to speak more frequently English, for that I need to know many vocabulary words. What to do
Amit Bansal answers, to improve your vocabulary commit to learn 5 words a week. That means 1 word each day. And when you pick up a work make sure you are using the word frequently to make it a part of your everyday vocabulary


Rediff Chat Date: Sep 14, 2011


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