Certification in Robotics

Robotics Certification Program

The Robotics training addresses various concepts related to engineering principles, real life applications, and the integration of different components. Students will be engaged in designing and building a robot starting from simple and leading to complex robotics. This training will challenge the way students view Robotics Technology and how they apply it.

A course in Robotics trains and educates the student in artificial intelligence, computer aided manufacturing, computer integrated manufacturing system, computational geometry, robot motion planning, digital electronics, and micro-processors.

The scope for a career in Robotics is tremendous and students can explore career opportunities in diversified sectors ranging from space research organizations to pure manufacturing companies. Apart from automobile companies, which account for 70% of Robotics applications in India, other sectors like foundry, food, logistics, healthcare, and entertainment are also aggressively looking at adopting robots.

What do Students Learn?

The robotics course covers fundamental concepts from various domains like Electronics, Embedded Programming and Mechanical that are required to design and program a mobile robot. The course includes hands-on activities to enable the students to understand the design elements like Electrical Circuits, Power Supplies (for electronic circuit design), Sensors (input devices to robots), Actuators (output devices of a robot), Gears (required for mechanical construction into the actuators), Power Drivers. This enables the students to program the robot using PIC Microcontroller to perform tasks like Pit Detection, Obstacle Avoidance, and Line & Light following.

The robotics course also covers advanced topics like Image Processing, Wired and Wireless Communication, and Protocols for Designing and Programming a robo soccer system.


Student Benefits

  • Assists the student to build Robotics expertise
  • Assists the student to build & run Robots connects student to the right job before graduating

College Benefits

  • State-of-the art Robotics lab
  • Global Partnership with Robotics Major
  • Industry Engagement Platform
  • Faculty Development Programs
  • Robotics Competitions & Conferences

Career Path

  • Embedded Design Engineer
  • Robotics Engineer
  • Control Engineer
  • Mechanical Design Engineer
  • Process Engineer

Centers of Industrial Excellence

PurpleLeap will convert one of the existing labs to set-up a center of excellence for one or more of the domains. The COE will have the necessary software and hardware required for students to undergo certification programs. The college can further utilize these centers for continued learning and development in the domain.

COE for Advanced Robotics (CARB)

The objective of CARB is to provide a platform to understand, learn and implement cutting-edge technologies in the areas of Robotics and Intelligence Systems through research based experiential learning methodology.

PurpleLeap is in collaboration with leading semiconductor companies to set up the robotics lab along with essential software. Students get an exposure to hardware, software and simulation tools that prepare them for industry recognized certifications like Certification in Robotics and Autonomous Systems (CIRAS). Students get to know the best industry practices through various activities like industry expert seminars, conferences, workshops, internships, projects and competitions.

The focus areas include Artificial-Intelligence, Image Processing, Machine Vision, and Control Systems.
Check the robotics video at


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