How to overcome communication barriers between subordinates, peers and managers

Topic: How to overcome communication barriers between subordinates, peers and managers

Below are the Q-A sessions in Rediff chat answered by Amit Bansal, the founder and CEO of PurpleLeap.


Dheeraj asked, what are the important communication points while giving presentation?
Amit Bansal answers, it’s a skill. My suggestion is take a course on presentation skills. Or you can read a lot of material available online for good presentations. You can also see a few you-tube videos of some powerful presenters.

rfgh asked, If the boss takes the credit always, and paints a not so good pic of sub in front of top Mgmt. Also if the Boss is involved in lot many corruption related matters, but still in good books of the Top Mgmt. How to deal in such situation
Amit Bansal answers, Emails are powerful documents at workplace. All significant work should be communicated over emails keeping in loop as many people who should know about your efforts. As for the corruption, I think again following proper processes help. Unless you come in line of the corrupt activities you really can’t do much but whenever you get an opportunity it’s a good idea to raise your voice regarding this, however with proper evidence.

ramsingh asked, How to communicate a boss who is showing partility in recognisation of for executed tasks.
Amit Bansal answers, Document work rather than taking it to the desk or communicating over the phone. Emails are powerful documentations at workplace. Ensure at least one more person in your department or another department is aware of the work that you are doing apart from your boss.

Dheeraj asked, How to acknowledge communication gap in the team and remove it? Since team have all type of person (good/bad/avg) what should to be taken care about (in communication part) while building, appreciating, guiding the team?
Amit Bansal answers, I think a good practice is to keep everyone in loop on all email communications. Discuss important issues in a closed room team meeting and do not miss out on anyone. Offer equal opportunity to different people and assign responsibility. Take accountability often and cultivate a healthy open door policy where people can walk up to you and discuss issues whenever they want.

Hari asked, I always fear that bosses may underestimate about my capabilities through the way i speak. How to overcome this? Otherwise
Amit Bansal answers; the only way to overcome this is by speaking about it. See you have nothing to lose but if you don’t speak you will probably be sitting with some very good ideas which may never get materialize. So give it an effort.

sunder asked, Hi Amit, is there a difference from being in control and being in charge?
Amit Bansal answers, both if are used positively can be every effective in managing people and situations. However there can be a negative connotation to it, when being in control or being in charge is derived out of sabotaging or manipulating.

Dheeraj asked, How to communicate effectively in team meeting?
Amit Bansal answers, There are certain etiquette that should be followed during team meetings. First of all there should be a clear agenda for the meeting which should be communicated to all the participants of the meeting. During the meeting everyone must stick to the agenda and an action plan must be created at the end of the meeting.

Tester asked, How to communicate effectively with lady boss at office?
Amit Bansal answers, I don’t think there is a specific or different way you would communicate with a female or male boss. Both have a personality and you need to assess a personality to communicate with them not the fact that they are male or female.

durgaprasad asked, How to communicate with the boss who wants to hide something and not forthright while dealing with the subordinates??
Amit Bansal answers, It’s not possible to discuss all issues with subordinates. Maybe an understanding which issues can be shared and which cannot be shared will help reduce the communication gap.

mgs asked, If your boss has got limitation in understanding,then how to communicate to him?
Amit Bansal answers, why do you feel that this person has a limitation in understanding?

durgaprasad asked, Ok. If you want to convey something true but starightforward thing to ur boss what should be the tone of communication??
Amit Bansal answers, polite suggestive tone with straight forward sentences along with enough evidence to substantiate your stand.

prakash asked, Hi, Amit, how to improve verbal communication skill?
Amit Bansal answers, Best way is to speak prakash:)…on a serious note….try reading aloud and taking every opportunity to talk or speak in front of an audience.

anuradha asked, Hi Amit, Are there any tips to keep everyone happy? Sometimes when you try to please your managers, you look like you are buttering them up and things just go bad. On the other hand, when you chat up with your subs, they have complaints about the seniors and if you join in you never know which of them will reach your managers ears…
Amit Bansal answers, Hi Anuradha, keeping everyone happy are an impossible feat. In my earlier chat also I said, focus on the task and help people understand what’s in it for them. You can create a benefit for each individual participating in a task.

Hari asked, I will have lot of thoughts but i always live in fear while communicating to bosses. please advise
Amit Bansal answers, Hari, what is the root cause of this fear? Do you think people will not take you seriously or is it a fear of communicating? You can practice your conversation before talking with the bosses. Anticipating all questions that might come up.

durgaprasad asked, Hi Amit, I have a question for u. What should be frequency of communication to client when u r not getting response on a subject.
Amit Bansal answers, Hi Durgaprasad, frequency depends on the gravity of the issue. If you are not getting any response even after 2 to 3 reminders or requests it’s better to call up and find the answer rather than over emails.

Rediff Chat Date: Sep 9, 2011



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