Dealing with conflicts in your team

Topic: Dealing with conflicts in your team

 Below are the Q-A session in Rediff chat answered by Amit Bansal, the founder and CEO of PurpleLeap


kalyanram asked, Another question i want to ask is how to deal with the junior employees if they refuse to do the work i assign to them.the junior employees say that it is not my work or it is a burden them. how to deal with that kind of situation?
Amit Bansal answers, Put it over an email rather than talking to them. CC their managers and your manager. When things are documented, people get to the point.

Sudarshan asked, Hi amit, I have worked all over the world…and I have seen conflicts of different nature, technical, personal or otherwise. How to go about resolving a conflict such that the most logical and effecient arguement prevails, regardless of who proposes the resolution. I feel in most cases the team lead/manager establishes his opinion by virtue of his position although it might not be the most effecient solution.
Amit Bansal answers, Most cases yes, but in a lot of cases logic prevails. Now the point is who will dare to argue till logic is established. A lot of professionals give up because they feel it’s pointless arguing with a leader/ manager etc.

durgaprasad asked, Correct Amit. When people do twist the process for their own benefit, do you think it is right to directly confront them with what they are doing?
Amit Bansal answers, I would say diplomatically with a to the point communication.

moin asked, i m alwaus asked to do things beyond my profile. any issue i am thrown into that pit. i cannot say no as i badly need that job. in such case what am i supposed to do?
Amit Bansal answers, Do you enjoy when you are put into situations they want desperate problem solving? if yes, its a blessing in disguise. But if you are not, be assertive and learn to say no. It’s important to say no when you have to.

123 asked, Should one cry for recognition or his/her work would speak for him/herself?
Amit Bansal answers, I won’t say cry, but most definitely highlight the work and let people notice. But in a subtle way…also people do get noticed with just their work…without ‘crying’ 🙂

pranisha asked, i have not yet completed a yr here so i cant change my profile so soon as it creates a bad impression in my profile but things r getting 4m bad to worst he is becoming lazybone day by day due to his dis attitude d management is not even thinking of a appraisal or promotion 4 me. i will have to continue atleast 6 mths more here
Amit Bansal answers, Pranisha, I do understand your situation. I suggest one more thing. Maybe all the work that you do. Mark a copy of that work to your supervisor’s boss as well on the email. Just to keep them in loop. 6 months is a small time for any promotion. Try being assertive and say no when you are too busy at the same time be diplomatic in letting others know the kind of work you are doing. It’s not an easy thing, but it will be a great learning for you.

Abhash asked, Now a days poltics is the significant tool to pull leg of any employee.Right now I am facing this.
Amit Bansal answers, Is it politics or just harmless wit among colleagues? Sometimes jokes go beyond a certain level and you feel you are picked on at every occasion. Would you like to evaluate a bit?

Himanshu asked, Hi Amit, Currently I joined the new team and heading them as team lead. The current project is in rally a mess in terms or technology application. I am not able to figure out where to start this clean up. This project seems to be Web Application with SQL Server 2008 Database. Database also in bit of mess.
Amit Bansal answers, I feel you must seek help from the older members of your team and other managers who may have worked on this project from the start. If you empower your team to help you, you will win their trust as well since you have joined new. And who said you have figure out everything alone, that’s the reason we do everything in teams in organizations.

Princess of Heart asked, My senior and my manager both always are upto some sort of game plan and always try and yes they do succeed in eradicating employees who are good at their job, in fact best but not in their good books because they dont butter them. Hate such politics, Sir please tell how do i deal with such a problem.?
Amit Bansal answers, Those are signs of unhealthy organizations. I would still suggest you to analyze this situation. Sometimes what we feel as politics is really a bunch of helpless people coming in way of policies. However, if IT IS an unhealthy environment you are working in where every moment you fear what you do. Look at your options. However, don’t make any hasty decisions. Look at how you can work with situations. And remember people are not perfect and so are organizations.

skv asked, I have one junior colleague who has a rapo with boss, because of the same he takes advantage, hw do tackle?
Amit Bansal answers, Don’t get bothered about it. It doesn’t matter as long as you are doing your work and enjoying it. Even if someone has a good rapport with your boss, at the end of the day work matters.

rizone asked, My company is good, but my boss is not , she creates a huge fuss of the work , and takes all the credit, she is a mental torture and is getting both my personal and professional life affedted, pls help ?
Amit Bansal answers, Be diplomatic on your emails. Keep at least one more person in the system in loop of all the work you are doing. Things like these happen when all initiatives taken are emailed to only one person and no one knows who has done the real work.

Siddhartha asked, How to deal with a girl whoz in your team or reprts to you. but always bypaas you talk to the sr. authority
Amit Bansal answers, Bring this to the notice of the senior and ask them not to encourage such behavior.

vgjk asked, when we promote someone from a group , it is quiet natural that others who have worked with him at the same level getting disappointed . quiet often i had come across scenarios where people will say “He got promoted because he is CEO’s blue eyed boy /girl ” . some level dis grunt will be there , is there someway to effectively minimize this disappointment?
Amit Bansal answers, You will always hear such grapewine in any organization. But the point here is, if you have conviction in the system you can pass on your conviction to others. But if you feel that the rumors are what you also believe in then, there’s nothing more to it. You have established your belief in one or the other thing.

durgaprasad asked, If an Organisation does not keep it s commitment then what s d remedy?
Amit Bansal answers, Try again :).. See if an organization is good and you have conviction in its system. Then maybe see why a certain promotion or incentive was not given. Systems and processes are not bad its the people who execute them twist them. So I guess some evaluation needs to happen here.

pranisha asked, yes i have tried but as all superiors are his ex collegues so they all back him up infact even they know that he is not capable of anything
Amit Bansal answers, I suggest if this profile is hampering your personal growth and you feel things will not really change because all people approve of this behavior then, you must look at your options. There are very good organizations out there.

durgaprasad asked, In today’s scenario it is very difficult to retain a talented person in an Organisation. As a manager what should be the approach?
Amit Bansal answers, Giving them more challenging work is one way. Apart from that you can also over a one on one understand their personal goals. Then with your understanding suggest them which ones of their personal goals can be met within the periphery of the organization’s bigger goals. Once that clarity is established I think people will feel more empowered, aligned, focused and associated.

kalyanram asked, He sometimes tries to do the work which iam as an senior supposed to do.And he sometimes tries to dictate terms to me .
Amit Bansal answers, Kalyan, I think its more important to see if whatever work you are doing, you enjoy it or not. That’s one thing. Another is if you have spoken about their behavior and how it is affecting you. And lastly, I suggest you evaluate that there is nothing else that is bringing in this feeling of being treated as inferior.

Adi asked, one more question from me, Is it right to leave a organisation when it not giving consequently for 3 years, and gives the reason that you are above market base rate, when actually people half my experience are getting the same or better compensation ?
Amit Bansal answers, Time to move Adi!

pranisha asked, my department head makes me do all his work right from branch coordination to simple drafting a mail within the organisation or to outside vendor when i refuse he tries to insult me as he is my immediate superior and my other bosses ask him abt my performance, he never takes my name dat i have done a particular job he forwards all my work in his name to our next superior boss. He is the one who appointed me so i cant b much rude to him also. Pls help me as my talent and caliber is overlapped by his designation
Amit Bansal answers, Sad situation for sure. Have you tried escalating the issue to your supervisor’s manager?

durgaprasad asked, True. But when an employee’s personal ambitions are not taken care of then there is a chance that the organisation may loose the employee. What s your thought??
Amit Bansal answers, Well, whatever the personal ambition are, if they are not aligned with the organization then this better to lose the person than the focus on the bigger goals.

vgjk asked, Amit Good afternoon , My question is how to deal with below mentioned scenarios – In a team it is quiet natural that every one will put their best to get noticed , if someone is trying to score on other expenses then what is the best way to check that with out hurting his ego?
Amit Bansal answers, In such scenarios it is important to bring this to the person’s notice that he/ she’s creating an unhealthy situation in the team. There is no need for a diplomatic conversation in such a situation. You can highlight the behavior, the impact of that behavior on the other person, and an alternative course of action that his person can take.

Adi asked, Hi Amit, one my peer employee tries to order a work which he is supposed to do, and when I push back simply he escalates the issue stating he is busy and telling my manager that I am not working as a team. Help me to deal such a kind of situation.
Amit Bansal answers, Have you tried to talk to him in-front of your manager?

kalyanram asked, my junior employee and colleague always tries to dominate me in my workplace.what should i do?…how to tell him to not to dominate me in the workplace?
Amit Bansal answers, Kalyan, what specific things they do which makes you feel that you are dominated?

Smita asked, I have done so various time and have raised my concerns. But all in vain.
Amit Bansal answers, Its then time to escalate the matter to his/ her boss. There are certain things at a workplace which can be handled diplomatically. However, your issue needs to dealt with immediately with direct communication.

durgaprasad asked, In most of the time the conflict is when one does not get what he/she wants. How to solve this?
Amit Bansal answers, Like I mentioned earlier. Separate their domains and make them feel in-charge of things. And you do not need to fret on whether their personal ambitions are met because at the end of the day we need to be aligned to the organization’s goals.

durgaprasad asked, Thanks Amit. There is always a conflict of interest. To say everybody wants to be noticed in a team. And How will a manager face this?
Amit Bansal answers, Yes I can understand. In my opinion people who want to be noticed are people who will also go to any extent to get noticed. Now if this attribute is harnessed appropriately you can get a lot of things done from these people. At the same time you can give each individual a responsibility without getting into a conflict in interest with the other.

Smita asked, My boss(CEO) is abusive,uses all expletives possible. How should I deal with this. ?. I am a senior HR professional.
Amit Bansal answers, Smita, you need to voice this in your next one on one meeting. Most of the time people are unaware how their behavior is adversely affecting others. If the one on one is not scheduled in the near future, please ask for a meeting immediately.

sudha asked, Hi Amit, is there a key to keep everyone in the team happy?
Amit Bansal answers, There is no such way. However you can keep conflicts at bay and create win win situations. Keeping everyone happy is not possible however helping them understand what’s in it for them is possible.

durgaprasad asked, Hi, this is DurgaPrasad. Today’s topic s interesting one and is generally faced by a manager. How to address the conflict in a team?
Amit Bansal answers, Hi, First important thing is to understand the nature of the conflict. Can we talk about a specific scenario?

Rediff Chat Date: Sep 2, 2011



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