How to motivate self and others

Topic: How to motivate self and others

Below are the Q-A sessions in Rediff chat answered by Amit Bansal, the founder and CEO of PurpleLeap.


Ashok asked, With 13-14 years of experience and having a successful Sales Career, with the current recession in the market, if asked to work at a lower level ( which is 5-6 years down), how is that, I can control my emotions and still be motivated to take up new challanges which used to be my subordinates responsibility?
Amit Bansal answers, Hi Ashok, I can understand the frustration. Why not separate the job from the level and then look at it. Do you still like the ‘work’ if not the designation? And remember this is a temporary situation. As soon as you see a good chance to move, make a move.

ONEMANARMY asked, Sir , What qualities , I need to work in team for fruitful results ? uptill now exp in team work is worst ..
Amit Bansal answers, There has to be a lot of tolerance toward each other. Another way to work in teams is to be able to identify the positive each one can bring to table. If you believe that your team member is good in his/ her area you will be able to get along with them well. And remember you want others also to think in a similar manner about you. So why is it difficult to believe the same thing about them…think about it.

den asked, hi, i m rajneesh, i think i m a basically recognition driven/motivated personality, but the thing is i am a business man now and there is no one with whom i can do competition. hence my business is coming down.. please suggest me
Amit Bansal answers, Hi Rajeesh, business is a highly competitive environment. I am wondering why you are not able to find competition. Even so, why not compete with yourself and create new standards. Start writing blogs or articles to share your success story. Probably that will help you identify areas you can still excel in.

jatinder asked, I am in Private job as Manager in pharma R&D and there is continuous desire exist in my mind for stating my own buisness but i can’t take initiative. how can i motivate my self for starting it.
Amit Bansal answers, Jatinder, the best way is to start. Make a plan, put the resources in place and the most important is believe in your dream. I know it is tough but standing on the cliff will never help you cross it. You need to take a step.

ABHAY asked, My self Abhay wavare,principal @Aurangabad college of engg,aurangabad, how to motivate minimum experiance teaching staff.
Amit Bansal answers, Hi Abhay, empowering teachers is very important because they are making a difference in the lives of many students. Why don’t you try doing some faculty development programs. Give them challenging tasks, assign older faculty as their mentors. You need to take personal interest in their progress because that will motivate them.

Amit Bansal answers, Unfortunately, even if you are starting your own business you will have to partner with people for different reasons. Its an unavoidable situation. We always have to work in teams in some way or the other.

san asked, how to stay motivate regularly if surrounding is filled with negative people& if they are always with you
Amit Bansal answers, Stay out of their company. Find some hobbies and interests instead of spending majority of your time with them.

raks asked, Hi, I am a tech lead in IT firm and i am managing multi vendor teams to my customer , as a part of CoLocation intiative. Here there are lot of challenges managing teams as the vendors have thier own contact obligations. How to overcome these challenges.
Amit Bansal answers, This response is coming totally out of experience and not from books. I feel most often in vendor partnerships the missing element is the sense of belonging or association. A vendor is considered as an outsider and is never given to feel the importance of their work. Can you try and make them feel a part of a larger team? Dynamics of teams remain the same, people want to be touch with the bigger picture and the importance of their contribution to achieve it.

anu123 asked, Everyone agrees i am performing well enough, but since 4 managers changed in my last 4 review cycles (cycle = 6 months) as the products I was working either ramped down/closed, I am not considered for promotions. How to moti vate myself.
Amit Bansal answers, Anu, do you still ‘love’ the work you are doing? What is the most important thing you want out of a job? How many of them are getting fulfilled in this current profile? Write this down and then evaluate. Probably these will be enough to keep you motivated.

Amit Bansal answers, Hi Kiran, stammering can be cured. Have you tried professional help? I can understand this must be stopping you to do a lot of things. You must immediately seek a professional help for stammering, there are many ways to correct this error in speech.

raj123 asked, Failures makes me to stop doing things and my entire motivation dries…how to over come and keep myself motivated…
Amit Bansal answers, Remember if you don’t fail how will you learn that you must do certain things and not do certain things. You need to start enjoying failures. Fundamentally we are not taught to do so. Failures are looked down upon. But think about it, one success comes after lots of failures.

Rahul asked, Hi Amit , I was very enegetic when i first started my business . Now due to recessions and other reasons our retail outlets are doing very bad . These days i even not able to take care of my overheads . I just dont know what to do next
Amit Bansal answers, The first thing you need to revive is your conviction in your business. Do you still trust that the business you choose to start is worth your efforts? Once you are convinced about this in your mind the next thing you need to do is do a root cause analysis. I am sure you will bounce back….do a self analysis first.

Arvind1234 asked, Hello Sir , I am partner in a trading company . I am not motivated enough to do any work . I run to get my payments , when we face financial suggest
Amit Bansal answers, Hi Arvind, is this not the kind of work you want to do or is it that you don’t enjoy most of the professions you have tried?

arjuniskool asked, Sir, How to deal with a bullying boss and coworker? Im fed up with the attitude of my boss. Pls hep.
Amit Bansal answers, Assertive communication is required. You need to let the people know that you do not appreciate this attitude. Once you are firm and communicate with authority I think people will stop taking you for granted.

Suvendu asked, I have very less self-belief. i am hard worker. but due to this lack of self-belief i suspect myself always. people who knows less than me are coming forward. but I have always the fear like I don’t know everything, so i should not come forward. I am loosing so many opportunities in my workplace. I have very least growth in my career compared to others who i know are less knowledgeable than me.
Amit Bansal answers, Hi Suvendu, i must appreciate you for accepting this fact about yourself. That is first step taken towards overcoming this problem. I want to ask you, what stops you from believing in yourself? Most often it is a fear of failure. But look at it this way, this fear is anyways making you fail. Why don’t you take risk once and face this fear at least you would overcome the fear if not failure. Even if you fail you will have courage to try again.

prakash asked, hi iam prakash working as a sales manager for a generator dealer after planning so much with hard work i am not getting results , i am thinking to change my Company i am not able to handle more pressure what i need to do next suggest me
Amit Bansal answers, Hi Prakash, i think a thorough root cause analysis, motivating your team and a lot of self confidence is required to bounce back. Why don’t you talk to someone senior in your company and take advice on whatever challenges you are facing. Since that person is more experienced in the same area, he/ she may give you insights about things you may be overlooking otherwise.

rams asked, How do we motivate multi function and multi cultural teams to work cohesively in a single environment?
Amit Bansal answers, It is a tough job however teams operate at optimum levels when they are in tune with the final objective. A leader’s job is to make the individual units of a team understand the value of their contribution and be in touch with the bigger picture.

Tarun asked, How can I motivate as a leader when my co-worker is equallu competent and skillful.He is under me and thats what he doesn’t like
Amit Bansal answers, Try situational leadership. Empower people and give them more challenging tasks. A little resistance is natural but it must not hinder performance.

PMSS asked, How to keep staff motivated by providing skill enhancement training specially in small setups where headcount is 12-15
Amit Bansal answers, The first thing that needs to be diagnosed is, in what areas your staff requires training. Write down those areas and also list out the changes it will bring to the individual, professionally and personally. Next thing is to get a buy-in from the individuals who will attend this program. Only when these questions are answered you can motivate staff through any training programs or else it will be like throwing arrows in the dark. It may or may not work.

suraj asked, Hi Amit, I’m not generally a lazy person, but of late, I’ve being finding it hard to pull myself to my office. Monday mornings are the worst, I just hope the day would never come. I’m not sure if I’m giving my best with this attitude for my current profession. What would you suggest I do? Please help
Amit Bansal answers, Suraj, time to think what value this work is adding to you personally and professionally. Also, its important to pursue hobbies over weekends which will stop you from thinking about monday mornings. But first things first. Write down the list of things you love about your job. Please remember i am saying ‘love’ not ‘like’.

TMUT asked, I set may goal every as per my planning for 1-2 days ..but not able to continue..tell me how I can stick with my goal..
Amit Bansal answers, That’s the new year resolution syndrome. First you must identify what drives you to do anything. Second you need to ensure you are making your attempts to achieve this goal interesting for yourself. Third you need to be a bit tough with yourself to keep working towards it. But remember only when its interesting you will continue doing it.

Ram asked, hello Sir, Iam jyothiram. working as production manger for a manufacturing industry, we have a serious problems in our production with quality, i have taken so many meetings to discuss the reason for the cause of problem but i could not get thr results, please suggest me how to motivate my team for better performance.
Amit Bansal answers, Hi Ram, have you been able to identify the main causes of this problem. If yes, then i suggest the best way to motivate people would be to bring action. Delegating work and looking at deadlines to resolve. Sometimes people get motivated when they see something happening. Have you tried this strategy?

Rediff Chat Date: Aug 10, 2011



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