Microsoft Certification Program

System Admin & Development Track

Earning Microsoft certification (MTA/MCTS) opens the doors to great IT and software development jobs. It’s the professional credential recognized by employers around the world, and PurpleLeap has the career development tools to help students succeed.

What do Students Learn?

The Microsoft certification (MTA/MCTS) training course from PurpleLeap is the student’s first step towards success as a Microsoft professional, and demonstrates their firm foundation of knowledge in Microsoft, .NET or Windows Server 2008. PurpleLeap MCTS Certification (Developer Track) training course will enable students to gain conceptual understanding of the features and functionality of .NET Framework architecture and ASP.NET and then effectively design and implement ASP.NET Web-based applications in an optimized manner.

PurpleLeap MCTS Certification (IMS track) training course ensures that students have a strong foundation and expertise in the industry’s most advanced operating system, Windows server 2008.

Art of Cracking the MTA/MCTS Exam

PurpleLeap assists students to prepare for this certification by providing the training from the Microsoft certified industry experts and Preparation Kit which includes official Microsoft courseware, practical assignments and practice tests.


1. Student Benefits

• Assists the student to build Microsoft expertise

• Assists the student to prepare for MTA/MCTS Test

• Connects student to the right job before graduating

2. College Benefits

• Global Partnership with Technology Major MSITA Logo and other marketing material usage rights

• Latest Microsoft software for the lab usage

• Industry Engagement Platform

• Free email IDs for students & staff

• Faculty Development Programs

• Pool of Microsoft Certified students

Career Path

Developer Track

  • Software Programmer
  • Software Engineer
  • System Analyst

IMS Track

  • System Administrator
  • Network Administrator

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