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Topic: Goal Setting

Below are the Q-A sessions in Rediff chat answered by Amit Bansal, the founder and CEO of PurpleLeap.


Rajeev asked, Sir, I am a diploma holder in Mechanical engineering; I have worked in R&D for 10 years now and that too in some top of the line fortune 500 companies. I am in a senior position now but I still feel that my growth prospect ar hampered due to my education qualification. What is your say in this matter?
Amit Bansal answers, have you completed your graduation though? Because if not it will hamper your growth no matter what. You may want to complete a degree.

jitendra asked, Dear Amit, I’m 32 now and done commerce graduation from Pune University in 1999. After that i work in construction company Pune as Media Executive. After trying 2-3 companies currently working in construction co as an Asst. Mgr – Corporate Communication. Now i want to upgrade myself with MBA part time? Or Executive MBA. How this will help me in career growth? I’ve almost 9 years of experience in Media and advertising in construction industry. plz reply
Amit Bansal answers, MBA will definitely add value to your career. You can choose operations as your major.

manoj asked, Good Afternoon Sir, I completed my MBA last year and currently working as Senior manager in an Foreign Education company, But i am not at all satisfies with my work and am quit depressed… pls advise
Amit Bansal answers, I think it’s time to find out what kind of job you are looking for. Or else whichever job you choose eventually you will be depressed.

Clancy asked, carrying on from my question… I was thinking of doing the 1 year course from IIM. Would you think it’s worth it? Thanks
Amit Bansal answers, Yes it will be very helpful Clancy. But please make sure it suits your domain of expertise.

Randhir asked, Dear Sir, I am Randhir a faculty for BFM student….I want my student to learn, understand and implement the process of goal setting for their growth…but these are just 15/16/17 year student and not in receptive mode for personal goal setting for them they just wanna enjoy their youth and college time…..could u please suggest some idea as how can i convince them to go for goal setting….I think if they do at this age they wil be in better position to achieve their path quickly….Thanks
Amit Bansal answers, Randhir, try goal setting in everyday areas. Give them small tasks and ask them to create a plan to complete those tasks. Make these tasks interesting for students. They may not necessary be around academics allow a lot of real time experience rather than reading books to find out the answers.

Clancy asked, I have been in the Quality Realm for the last 10 years with Six Sigma / Project Mgmt etc. I would like get some suggestions for a shift in Career line?
Amit Bansal answers, Clancy, you must try in product enhancement and R&D.

moloy asked, sir i have MBA(Marketing),MBA(Retail) and Ph.D. in management. Having 12 years teaching exp. paper publication in national and int-national journal. Sir apart from teaching in which area i can switch my job?
Amit Bansal answers, marketing and Research would be a good area. Writing could be another.

raju asked, HI Amit, I have completed my B.Com(first class) in 1992.Currently I do Gems trading now i want to change my career. I want to do a job, what are the options available for me
Amit Bansal answers, Business development or marketing would be good areas for you.

jh asked, sir , I am working as Assistant manager HR in hospitality industry since 5+ years.But my salary doesnto seem to show considerable growth.It seems like peopel with 1-2 years’ experience in IT field are getting almost teh same as what I am getting in this industry after working for more than 5 years,. Should I switch the secor to IT.? ? Will it have any impact on my career?
Amit Bansal answers, Salary are viscous cycle. Are you happy with what you are doing? if not then probably there is a reason to move jobs.

Ashok asked, sir,we are an auto accessories company and iam looking after sales of maharashtra my branch is a loss making and i want to turn into profit making branch,pls suggest some ways
Amit Bansal answers, Ashok you need to do a root cause analysis for this situation. See what are the factors leading to losses. Further drill down the factors into why they are happening. Draw a fish bone or use a 5 why analysis. I am sure you will reach some concrete identification.

SJ asked, I am currently working as a finance professional in a financial services company. In the long term, I want to do something which will help the rural economy. But, I am not clear what to do?? My current profile doesnot have anything to do with rural economy. It is related to analysis of comapnies. How should I set my goals? Please advise
Amit Bansal answers, Study about Micro finance maybe it will give you some cues to what you would like to do.

Prabhat asked, i have recently had job change as things did not materialized , can u guide me on careeer or if separete counselling session is needed please tell me contact details etc
Amit Bansal answers, What kind of a job have you taken up?

Patik asked, if i want to study ias and ips then from when i have to start preparing for it?be explain it….
Amit Bansal answers, Patik you said you want a career and now you are suggesting you want to study further. Take my suggestion sit down and ask yourself which one will be more exciting ‘job’ or ‘study’ and why would you do either of them. what is your ultimate aim?

Ashwin asked, Hi Amit, I have been working in the financial services sector for 9yrs now ,done by MBA, wanted to know if a executive program from one of the premier institute like IIM,ISB would help me propel my career.
Amit Bansal answers, most definitely it will Ashwin!

Amit Bansal answers, Patik, rather than me suggesting a career why dont you find out where your interest is. What is the kind of job you would like to do?

VERINDAR asked, hi sir, i am looking for ajob desperately, but inspite of work experience of 24 years in ARMY AND CORPORATE COMBINED,not able to get one
Amit Bansal answers, Verindar, i suggest you do a SWOT analysis of your profile based on the job you are applying for. Maybe you are not highlighting some important areas of your experience.

Bishakh asked, Hi Amit. How do we conclusively know what the goal of our life is ?
Amit Bansal answers, I don’t think a conclusive goal is possible however a larger image of how you would want your life to shape up is in everybody’s mind. The path to it could be an every day mystery.

anujuit asked, i am software Engg. haing 8 month exp.I have much interset to go Management line in Software field,What will be good,Development or Management
Amit Bansal answers, To be in management hands on experience of your domain is important. I suggest its just been 8 months experience take small steps to achieve big results.

Mahesh asked, Hi, Most of the goal-setting principles stress on the need for self-awareness of one’s strengths and weaknesses in arriving at the list of goals. How can I ensure that “my” assessment of my SWOT is objective and matches reality? (Many suggest that talking to close friends/family will give some pointers but if one is fairly influential, people are eager to say only the nice things..)
Amit Bansal answers, Remember two things when you are doing a SWOT. Always do it for achieving an objective and look internally for strengths and weaknesses and externally for opportunities and threats. Once you have established that, you can seek feedback from your significant others who know you well to identify your SWOT.

subhash asked, Sir I did it three years back. the administrator profile includes ticket booking, vehicle management, employee mis, asset register management
Amit Bansal answers, Subhash, you must start looking for an HR generalist profile. I think you will have to try hard however you must start doing it. Look for openings, study the job description and apply for these jobs. Doing admin jobs will not help you build your skill in HR and with passing time it will become difficult to go in your field of interest.

ABHIJEET asked, Sir, I am a fresher in BE Electronics from MUMBAI university. Sir I am trying to get into IT now that the market for IT in India is tremendous and growing. As of now I am working as a trainer at Aptech Comp. Education. How ever I am improving my soft skills and technical skills in java and databases. Please suggest me apt path for it. My teachers have also said I can do good in programming cause of a creative side of me.
Amit Bansal answers, I suggest you identify your strengths and specific areas in which you would like to pursue your career. Once you have decided that, you zero down on a few organizations you would want to apply for. Study the job description, prepare and resume and start going for interviews. But the initial homework is very important.

POWAR asked, I have 22 years experience in accounts and i want to do some changes in the same, would you please suggest me.
Amit Bansal answers, I am sorry Powar, you want to make changes in what? I did not get your question.

ps asked, Hi, I am a Project Manager.. Would a PMP Certificate further help career and its growth?
Amit Bansal answers, Absolutely. It will be a great value add.

Prabhat asked, Hi i am BE Civil with 12+ Year of experince .I have handled multiple type of projects , from Building to electrcal projects , qa-qc , ready mix concrete and marketing . Presently i am as Manager Project Management , how hight should i target that for growth . i feel my groth has been less as compare to my peers due to job rotations
Amit Bansal answers, I think you must discuss this with your manager on your one on one discussion. There seems to be a mismatch between your vision and the plan of your manager for you. I suggest you must talk to him about your aspirations.

ace asked, Sir i have five years experience in supplychain and material management.These years i have not made any effort to involve myself in job and try to learn hearder things.My organization is very small and i am only on handling this profile.Years passed experience gained but very less knowledge due to lack of Guidance. Please suggest how i can ressurect my career.
Amit Bansal answers, I really appreciate your enthusiasm to learn. I think the best way to learn is to improvise in the current process. Suggest you to look at your SOPs and see if there is any value add you can do to them to reduce cost and increase productivity.

Gopal asked, Hi Amit, Is there any predefined steps or activities defined to follow to achieve one’s particulare goal?
Amit Bansal answers, Well its like to reach a particular destination what are the various things you will do to reach there. You need a vehicle, a road map, certain timeline etc. The same goes for achieving a goal. Give me an example of your goal and maybe I can help you draw a mind map around it.

subhash asked, Sir I have done mba. I m a hr executive. but my profile is more of an administrator which keeps me bothering. kindly suggest what should i do
Amit Bansal answers, can you please tell me how long has it been since you completed your MBA and what kind of administrator job you are doing currently?

anjali asked, Hi Amit, I see myself as a team lead in 3 years from now and will want to head a department in another 8 years. Do you think this is a possible goal? Is it good to have such goals? or should one just go with the tide?
Amit Bansal answers, I think yes it is. Can you tell me which industry are you working for?

shridhar asked, Hi Amit… I am currently working in software MNC for past 1 year. My query is that do part time MBA also gets the same placement oppurtunities[read package] as full time MBA?
Amit Bansal answers, Almost the same Shridhar. Infact any professional experience has more value than a degree. I am not saying one is a substitute to the other. But both hand in hand make a whole lot of difference. The idea is to be able to implement what you have learned in the text books.

AmitN asked, Sir, I have 10 years experience, last 5 in social sector (very professional organizations). I wish to move back to corporate world. What is the best way? Will I be considered not good enough because I have social sector experience on my resume?
Amit Bansal answers, Amit, on this forum I am reiterated that whenever you are applying for a job, do not only look at the industry but the job profile and what are the areas in the job description you already have experience in. It may be in different industries. For example, you may have used your negotiation skills in social sector job profile as well and the same is required in any corporate set up as well.

vidya asked, Hi Sir, I am a BE graduate with 5 years experience in the IT field, Took a break for 2 years to be with my kid. Now that I want to get back to work, I dont recollect anything from the domain or the technical part that I worked on. How do i go about it? I do want to get back to IT. Should i be revising all the concepts again?
Amit Bansal answers, Right Vidya, you may not need to go through a specific training program but you definitely need to be in touch with the new technologies.


Rediff Chat Date: Aug 3, 2011

Source: http://www.rediff.com



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