Job Interview Strategies

Topic: Job Interview Strategies

Below are the Q-A sessions in Rediff chat answered by Amit Bansal, the founder and CEO of PurpleLeap.


kallu asked, hello Sir, I am B.Tech(ECE) and working in PSU with 12 yr exp. and also want to do M.Tech/PhD. Is there any institute/ university which offers the same in correspondence/distance mode. and if yes will it be valid for getting a Job in Pvt sector. also name the Univ/institute plz
Amit Bansal answers, Yes there are institutes offering courses in correspondence/distance mode

sanjay12 asked, I am doing MBA part time, so is it necessary to mention in CV?
Amit Bansal answers, It’s not necessary but it can give you an added advantage.

pandeyvish asked, amit , i have experience of nine years in sales and marketing along with last experience in Banking domain in sales,but i had to leave the job due to bad health as i was suffering from slip disc , now i have recovered but wheresoever i go ,break in career is becomng hindrance in getting through in my previous profile of merchant acquiring , please suggest what to so?
Amit Bansal answers, Don’t give up. Explain the reason clearly and talk about the achievements or good work which you had done in your previous job.

ramu asked, I have english problem.How can I overcome this;Though I am get selected for technical interviews.Normally I faced this problem in HR I can not able to sell my self for high rate though I deseved it…..??
Amit Bansal answers, Read English news papers. watch English movies and talk to your friends in English. 2-3 months would be sufficient

kola asked, Hi Amit, Will it be right if we chnage the domain afetr gaining 10 years of experience
Amit Bansal answers, There is no right or wrong answer to it. If you want to explore another domain and you think that it would be challenging you can go for that.

aat asked, I am Ph. D. and have 10 yrs teaching Exp. in Mech. Engg. Does I have career options other than teaching
Amit Bansal answers, Yes. You do.

amar asked, Hi sir i am a CA passed in 2007 sine then working wit a company where i think not archiving a lot besides this due to non practice i am not able to face interview also pls suggest how to prepare my self for another company
Amit Bansal answers, Don’t undermine your capabilities. Get your resume ready, post in on job portals and prepare for the selection process.

himanshu asked, Hello Sir, I have an experience of 8 years in Financial Services & can’t afford to do my MBA in regular manner, could you please suggest institute from where i can go for my MBA also i have been suggested for EMBA program from United Business Institute Belgium who provides online learning. would it be better for professional career. Thanks
Amit Bansal answers, There are many institutes, including IIMs, which have courses for working professionals. You can look for institutes out of the country as well.

kallu asked, hello Sir, I am B.Tech(ECE) and MBA(Mktg) , 12 Year exp in PSU. can I get a good job near Delhi. Plz suggest some.
Amit Bansal answers, Post your resume on job portals

tom asked, I have not appeared for any interview for more than last 15 yrs. I have work exp of 23 yres. what are the preperation I have do for getting a better job ?
Amit Bansal answers, Get your resume ready and then prepare for the questions which you think that an interviewer may ask after going through your resume. Highlight your achievements

pbs asked, I have done MSC in Biochemistry in 1996 since then i got married and have not had any job experience, Now due to specific reasons I have to look out for Job. What would be the best way to proceed.
Amit Bansal answers, If you are not specific about the profile, update your resume on job portals like , naukri, monster India, and others. You may try for jobs in education sector as well.

aaaaaa asked, ideal cv, resume should be of how many pages and what to be mentioned in cv resume bio data?
Amit Bansal answers, There is no hard and fast rule about it. But ideally if you are a fresher, your resume should not be more that 2 pages long. It should include, your career objective, educational qualifications, achievements, project work, personal details

brightson asked, What is the best answer to say for “Why are you looking for a change?” . I am in IT industry
Amit Bansal answers, You should be able to answer it. State the reason in the most logical way. If you are looking for change, there has to be a reason and for you too that should be logical

adddff asked, Hi Amit, Now a days there is a trend that if a person is getting say 10 lacs p.a. only then he will be eligible for applying to 18 lacs p.a job, The person drawing lower salary has to struggle with lower pay package only why so?
Amit Bansal answers, To a certain extent it could be right, but it depends on the profile and the CTC which the company is ready to offer too.

Chalam asked, Hi, Due to budgetary concern we were asked to leave the job and from last three month I am not having a job in hand. Tried a lot in the name domain. What is the best answer in the interview if they ask me about jobless for three month….
Amit Bansal answers, There is nothing wrong in conveying the real reason. Just make sure that it doesn’t reflect your incompetency. Highlight your achievements in your previous job

WorkWork asked, As an interviewer what should we look into a candidate.
Amit Bansal answers, Skill sets relevant to the job not only for the current one but for future roles as well

San asked, Hi Amit, During my career spanning 2 decades, I shifted from product industry operational role to IT industry consulting role which has not given me growth. How do I make anyone look at me as a valuable candidate in the former industry, they are not seeing value in the experience put in IT industry
Amit Bansal answers, Any job in any industry provides you certain skill sets. Those skills will be used across industries. Highlight the skills which you have acquired while working for IT. Moreover you have your previous experience which may help

ramashankar asked, sir i have a typical situation. i was out of job owing to recession in 2009. have done electrical engineering in 2005 and presently pursuing an executive mba program. i am not so much comfortable to move into mainstream software. and in core companies i might not get a chance as i have software experience and the electrical study was way back done in 2005. how do you think sir, i should approach an employer to get my CV noticed. and if called what should be a sincere explanation for the situation. presently i am jobless.
Amit Bansal answers, If you want to make your career in IT industry. Highlight your previous experience and accomplishments. For core companies, doing short term courses may help.

deepak asked, Hi I have done CA and then worked for 4 companies and then done MBA from iim, now i wanna change my job. But in past i had changed 3 jobs for better prospects and this question comes everytime in interview. Don’t know how to answer, please help
Amit Bansal answers, This is a very important questions and prepare for the answer well. You should be able to explain, “Better Prospects”.

Amit Bansal answers, formal attire

Rama asked, Hello Mr Amit, I have played multiple roles in my long career, which I can play seven now. How do I profile my resume.
Amit Bansal answers, in chronological order

sam asked, how to deal with an interview when the interviewer is your previous boss who you did not share a good repo with. i still want to finish this interview as good as possible as i want this job. kindly advise
Amit Bansal answers, Be professional. Don’t judge anything

Rahulslc asked, I left a major IT Player in Jan this year and joined another small IT company and left them after 2 months and joined a third company, shall I show my 2 months exp. in my Cv or not?
Amit Bansal answers, It will not have a good impression. But still if you think it can add any value, do include it. But be prepared to explain the reason of quitting the company in a short duration

hai asked, What all should be asked to interviewer, when they offer to ask to them.
Amit Bansal answers, If you don’t have any questions, it’s not necessary to ask something. Don’t ask whether you are selected or not or about the salary details. You can discuss it in the next round of negotiation

HArish asked, hi, i want to know the answer of “tell me about urself”
Amit Bansal answers, Hi Harish, No body else can tell you something about yourself in a better way. It’s you who have to find the answer of this question. In an interview, just convey the information in the most logical way which can help the interviewer in taking a right decision. e.g. they may not be so interested in getting information about your family than about you

lalitmihit asked, I am rejected sometime not able to explaining reason for leaving job. I always beleive in giving right reason & believe in telling truth but still not selected.
Amit Bansal answers, You can tell the correct thing and at the same time you can be polite and diplomatic

Raj asked, How to answer questions regarding your weakness?
Amit Bansal answers, Tell them your action plan for your weakness

sunita asked, Hi Amit, why are interviews so stressful? Is it just a preview of things to come?
Amit Bansal answers, Not all. It depends on you

Sundar asked, Hi Amit, how can i improve my interpersonal skills for an interview?
Amit Bansal answers, Do a SWOT analysis for yourself. Find out the requirement of the profile and match your SWOT to that

ZZ asked, What should be best strategy while facing interview?
Amit Bansal answers, Prepare well

himanshu asked, Thanks you for your answer, what should be the priority among of them Compensation, Company (Brand Name), Profile, Designation or in what order we should give them priority. Thanks
Amit Bansal answers, Ideally you should be deciding that. But I would prefer the profile and long term growth prospects

Mahesh asked, How do I choose between onsite opportunity with existing employer and a new job? Also how do I tell my prospective employer that I already have onsite opportunity in hand without sounding arrogant or overconfident?
Amit Bansal answers, You should have a long term perspective towards building your career. You can convey the availability of on-site opportunity. Do you want to make it a part of negotiation during the selection process?

himanshu asked, Hello Sir, My question is about when intervier ask you about why are you leaving your current job. What should be the best possible answer. As i always wanted to change for better carrier opportunity and better compensation. but i always stuck to answer this question truthfully. Thanks
Amit Bansal answers, Analyze the job profile which you are applying for and compare it with the current one which you are holding. See the growth prospects, your interest and other factors like, location, designation, monitory benefits etc.

HI asked, I have nervous to answers the question in interview part and am afraiding the interview..what can I do?
Amit Bansal answers, Practice with mock interviews and prepare for the FAQs.

dipak asked, hello sir, i want to know how to tackle the questions in the interview whose answers we dont know at all?
Amit Bansal answers, If at all you don’t know the answer say politely that you don’t know.

Rediff Chat Date: Sep 28, 2011


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