Embedded Systems & Design Track

In today’s world, at least 20 gadgets are associated with every person and each such gadget is an embedded system. Embedded system is a fundamental engineering application in many consumer electronics, industrial automation, aviation, medical systems, automotives etc. All industries thrive on it, hence job opportunities for engineers equipped with the right skills, knowledge and attitude are umpteen. If students are looking to be placed, PurpleLeap Embedded Systems course will give them the requisite skills to achieve their goals.

The lab activities in Embedded Systems course are practical oriented and enables a student to develop their own projects in the future. The lab activities provide a simulated environment and prepare students for a career in embedded systems.

What do Students Learn?

Course is divided into three modules.

Module 1 deals with the designing small scale embedded systems by using 8 bit microcontroller and assembly language programming.

Module 2 deals with designing medium scale embedded systems and embedded C programming.

Module 3 deals with high end embedded system design based on ARM board with Linux operating system ported on it . By end of this module students will be able to develop mobile applications on their own.

Course Highlights

  • Exposure to the complete design process of embedded system with wide range of microcontrollers and Linux  Operating System
  • Hands-on experience on all the modules
  • Course design and delivery by industry experts


 1. Student Benefits

  • Assists the student to build
  • Embedded System expertise
  • Connects student to the right job before graduating 

2. College Benefits

  • State-of-the-art Embedded Lab
  • Latest Embedded software for the lab usage
  • Industry Engagement Platform
  • Faculty Development Programs
  • Pool of Embedded Systems
  • Certified students

Career Path

  • Embedded Design Engineer
  • Firmware Engineer
  • Product Verification and Validation Engineer
  • Embedded Software Engineer
  • Analog Design Engineer
  • Embedded Test Engineer



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