How to become ‘Ready to deploy’ talent

Topic: How to become ‘Ready to deploy’ talent

Below are the Q-A sessions in Rediff chat answered by Amit Bansal, the founder and CEO of PurpleLeap.

bipin asked, I have stammering problem and facing problem in interview how i can overcome from this situation
Amit Bansal answers, Bipin, you must not get intimidated with this problem. One important thing to note here is that you can work on it to cure it. There are various techniques available. Please visit a good speech therapist. I can suggest you a couple of them but these are like home remedies. A professional help will be good. Try speaking by keeping a marble under your tongue, you can even use a rubber band to speak. But like i said, these are like home remedies you must seek professional help.

Katrina asked, Dear Sir, am presently an HR professional in Marine sector, plz suggest wht skill sets improvement wud help me to migrate in othr sectors, n wich is d best field to grow as an HR professional? I passd my BBA in HR last yr thn got job.
Amit Bansal answers, If you are an HR generalist profile i do not think it should be difficult for you to migrate to other sectors. Keep trying. Highlight relevant experience based on the job description while applying for a new organization. Why don’t you consider doing an MBA HR?

Nishant asked, Good Evening Sir, I’m Nishant from Noida, BA.LLB (hons) from HNLU,Raipur (CG),graduated in April! Exploring my options now,applied at various places. I was previously cleared by a consultancy post interview only to be told that my candidature has been put on hold for some stupid reason. The phase has been extremely difficult for me, I mean what do I do next?
Amit Bansal answers, Did they give you a reason? Most companies have legal advisory departments or alternatively you can start practicing under a lawyer. In you domain, experience is extremely important. I suggest you start adding experience to your profile in whichever way possible.

Sudhir asked, I am an individual with no guidance and less qualification (Graduation only). In secretarial and documentation line can you please guide how do I grow myself.
Amit Bansal answers, I suggest you can add certifications to your profile if you do not want to go for further studies. Please evaluate your skills and see what kind of jobs you would like to do. Take one step at a time. First thing is to find out which industry or what kind of work you would enjoy doing most.

ravi asked, I am a s/w engineer with 4 years of work experience. I have a very pleasant personality and excellent communication skills. I think I am very much suitable for software marketing where I can use my skills. I have been trying for this role but all the offers have been coming from technical role. How can I change my role at this stage? I already have a Masters and can’t afford to waste time and money at this point. Please advice me on the same.
Amit Bansal answers, Ravi, please match the job description to your experience. Highlight the ones that suit the job description and the potential organizations operations.

TaoJaat asked, Bansal ji, maine rohtakk univ se mba kar rakhi hai…ek saal ho gaya naukri naai laag rai kai pe…ke karun?? aur kitniya degreeiyan lun?
Amit Bansal answers, Please try and find out what is affecting your success in interviews and then start working on it. There is more to just degrees to get a job.

sushma asked, Hi Amit, I’ve already kept my resume ready for this year’s placements. Other than my curriculum what else do I need to be prepared with? Are there any extra courses which could help me do better in my feild. I’m a final year Electronical Engineering student.
Amit Bansal answers, Sushma, i hope you have created your resume based on the profiles you want to apply for. Please try to highlight your capability areas in relation to the job description to these profiles. Make sure you have enough evidences to quote during the personal interview for the knowledge and skills highlighted in your resume. Apart form academics please mention, projects, extra curricular activities and other certifications.

Avantika asked, Dear Mr. Bansal, It’s been close to one year and here in rediff only, that I interacted with you in the same forum. My question was related to how to be comfortable in an interview? Your answer really helped me in discovering a new way to handle interview. So today I would like to say thank you for the other day. I am working in a top-notch mgt consulting company now. Thanks.
Amit Bansal answers, All the best Avantika!

Venu asked, Hi Sir, In our organization they expect us to keep abreast with happenings in the world and also read latest books, but for me i get hardly time to go home and rest. When should I do this? Do you think it is so important?
Amit Bansal answers, For some job profiles its imperative to keep yourself updates about the world at large. I suggest spend some time analyzing how you are spending your time and create some time for this as well.

shohrab asked, hi sir. I am an electrical graduate of batch 2008 when i completed my education there was no one to offer me job some how i managed to join a service industry. now i feel i am in wrong field i don’t like my profile. i want work in power system which was my favorite subject during engineering. should i take a chance or its too late.
Amit Bansal answers, Shohrab you are already two years into the service job. However, not so late. Please look around and see the jobs available in your field. You will have to struggle to prove why you continues in service for two years and now want to move. However, you can highlight some relevant aspects of your work experience while applying for new jobs.

Akshay asked, I am BE mechanical and having 5 years of work experiecne in purchase. I am planning to persue ICWA. please suggest.
Amit Bansal answers, Are you planning to continue working in the accounts? if yes then i think its good for you.

Allan asked, Hi, I’m wondering how this english language can be so diffarant. The way they speak in office is off track how we used to in college. Me’s wondering if me needs to relearn mah language. do ya think its a good idea?
Amit Bansal answers, Allan, you will always find a different way of communication at workplace. It’s more formal and in some situations even conservative. I think you must observe people and you will be able to learn it.

pshettty asked, I am 25, an engineer & working in projects, steel industry.. Not satisfied with job at all.. my peers and bosses agree i should have been a software engg… what ammends can be made.. Too late to freshly consider IIM-CAT (is the chance affected since i am 25 & never had CAT in mind?)
Amit Bansal answers, As best of my knowledge there is no age limit to apply for CAT.

tarun asked, I tarun soni in Environment please guide how i can getting job in this field
Amit Bansal answers, Tarun, environment sciences has picked up momentum since global warming has become a great issue. Most manufacturing companies will have a post for environment sciences professional in its corporate division. I suggest keep an eye on job portals. There are numerous NGOs and govt organizations offering job opportunities in environment sciences as well.

bholenath asked, Sir, I am a big fan of yours. Have always followed your advises…..
Amit Bansal answers, thank you bholenath!

Anaga asked, Hi, good afternoon sir. I want to study further, but my financial situation at home is not allowing me to. I am presently in the third year of my gradutation. Is it a good idea to study while working, or will it be difficult to manage work and studies?
Amit Bansal answers, Its not difficult to study while working. You may have to put extra efforts. Besides it’s all in your mind. Also, a higher degree will be weigh more if its clubbed with work experience. Go for it!!

Shruti asked, Hi Amit, Will reading newspaper daily help me in improving english. but who will tell me which is the right way to pronounce words? how can i improve my spoken english?
Amit Bansal answers, Shruti, you will definitely need a teacher to help you learn English. However you don’t need to join an institute. You can talk to a friend who is good in English or even an older uncle or aunt. You can also do tests online. There are many websites which help you learn correct English. You may have to put in extra efforts that’s all.

Anura asked, Hi Amit, I’m from Bellary. I’m thinking of coming to Bangalore after my graduation and join finishing school to make my skills better. Is this good idea or any other option available?
Amit Bansal answers, Anura, its a good idea to join a finishing school program. But i suggest you understand the finishing school program well before joining one. Do not blindly enroll for any course.

shahrukh asked, i have started going to office but since 1 week no 1 is teaching me
Amit Bansal answers, Shahrukh, at workplace you have to find opportunities to learn. People will not have time to teach you. Please don’t wait for others you approach them.

Suraj asked, Hi Amit, Can you please let me know what kind of skills the employers are looking for?
Amit Bansal answers, Suraj, suggest you to read my earlier response. I have given 7 categories which are assessed by interviewers of any industry. These are apart from your technical and functional skills.

water 02 asked, Hi Amit, what are the avenues available in Supply Chain management for an mechanical engineer + MBA. I dont have past experience in Supply Chain management but have 5 years of experience in other field.
Amit Bansal answers, Water, i think you can look for supply chain jobs in automobile or engineering industry. Your MBA will come handy to pick up an analyst’s profile, inventory management or operation management. I suggest you can study the job description to see how your skills and knowledge can fit into the supply chain management jobs.

Amit Bansal says, The most important employability skills are: 1. How serious you are about your career 2. Are you willing to learn 3. Do you spend your time in productive activities 4. How comfortable you are working in teams 5. Do you know about the organization you are applying for its customers 6. How good you are in solving problems and finally 7. your communication skills.

mamu asked, hi amit…am bsc in microbiology from mumbai…how do i become employment ready now?
Amit Bansal answers, There are certain skills any employer needs in their employees and the same are evaluated during interviews. I will put those skills as a common reply to all in a minute.


Rediff Chat Date: July 15, 2011



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