Program Delivery at PurpleLeap

Delivery function spans from the time of signing of MOU to the stage of program closure and customer sign off. Delivery team works with almost all the departments within PurpleLeap to get its tasks done. In any progressive training model, the Initiation & Planning, Execution, Monitoring & Control and Achieving success matrix are a definite phases that needs systematic understanding and approach. We have a plan in place that addresses each of the following key success facilitators.

It will be our pursuit to address the overall account and its growth. It will be important to understand the nature of a real time change that happens to any learning program to be successfully implemented in colleges.

The following illustration gives important stake holders, their role in program promotion, impacts of not having them active in the overall implementation process. Delivery team will strive towards the real change following a systematic approach addressing each of the stages mentioned below. This should ensure sustained business and enhance business for years to come.

For CHANGE we need to have all the following in place – Vision Strategy, Executive Buy In, Program Management and Action Plan

  • Absence of “Vision Strategy” creates confusion
  • Absence of “Executive Buy In” creates Anxiety
  • Absence of “Program Management” creates Frustration
  • Absence of “Action Plan” creates False Start


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