Top tips to enhance your resume

Below are the Q-A sessions in Rediff chat answered by Amit Bansal, the founder and CEO of PurpleLeap.


aji asked, i have got 17 years of exp. i have been looking for change in my job for last 6 months. in the last 6 months i have applied for various position but i not being called for an interview. i have spoken to many HR friends.they see no ptoblem with my resume. but am still not able to figure out the reason for not getting any call
Amit Bansal answers, With 17 yrs of experience you qualify for a high position. Such positions are few and work best with reference. I suggest you walk in the organizations where there are senior level openings and personally meet the HR instead of sending your profile by email.

spider asked, Would it be better to consolidate your work experience in different companies or give experience company wise.
Amit Bansal answers, If you have changed many companies, its a good idea to highlight a consolidated work experience and mention the chronology of your employment under a separate category.

Ketan asked, Sir,i have 2yrs experinece in IT Field.i want to develop one skilled based resume aprat from whatever i worked in several field in this my current what i will do.what major points i want to highlights in my resume?
Amit Bansal answers, Create another category in your resume ‘professional skills’ and highlight all the skills you have learned or worked on. Write the chronology of your employment under a different category ‘work experience’.

Vishal_4 asked, I am working as an Assistant Manager for almost 3 years, But I hardly get any response after submitting a resume. I am looking forward to be a Project Manager, WHAT COULD I BE MISSING IN THE RESUME?
Amit Bansal answers, Maybe you are not giving information required for the profile you are applying for. Study the job description and match your skills while creating your resume.

daniel asked, Hi Amit, i am working in IT company, in my CV i had update all the works i had done in my previous organizations, i am having 4 company exp. my resume is coming nearly 4 pages, kindly advice how to reduce to 3 pages
Amit Bansal answers, Check if you have repeated any information. Can you reduce the pages with just formatting? use bullet points rather than long descriptions. See if you have mentioned points that are irrelevant to the current job profile you are applying for.

Absin asked, What should the objective statement essentially capture? Should it talk about me or should it talk about what I want to do in an organisation? I am confused with this…
Amit Bansal answers, Talk about how you are going to contribute to the organization with your skills, knowledge and experience.

Manasdarsan asked, I am having 10+ years of experience in HR with Generalist profile. Please suggest areas to be stressed upon.
Amit Bansal answers, Please mention the different responsibilities you have taken in the last 10yrs in detail under professional experience.

ganesh asked, Sir, I am working in a Central Govt. Construction organisation and have put up 20 years of service . I am working as an Asst. Engineer. I would like to join a private concern, of a similar work nature. How should a prepare my resume?
Amit Bansal answers, Use a standard format for an engineer’s profile and highlight the kind of work you have done in the last 20 years in detail.

water asked, Dear Sir, I have done my engineering and MBA. howevere the job that I have been performing in my current org is not satisfactory as it is from admin and general function. Kindly let me know your feedback? is it worthwile looking for a change in job
Amit Bansal answers, How long have you been working? I suggest if you have less than 1 yr of experience please complete one year and then move.

Debo asked, Hi Sir, I’ve been working as a office assistant for almost 4 years now. I am looking for a change in job and would like to try for a better post. In my current organization I have been helping the servicing team. I’ve not completed my graduation due to some personal reasons and that comes up every time I apply for a job elsewhere. What should I do? Should I lie in my resume that I have a degree?
Amit Bansal answers, Debo my honest suggestion is that you complete your graduation. You will always face question regarding your graduation and writing false information on resume is not a good idea at all.

Shanky asked, Hi, I have around 5.5 years exp in IT. I want to highlight a skill on which I dont have much industrial experiance, but want to move ahead in my career based on the same. How should I tweak my resume, without putting my existing experiance in jeopardy?
Amit Bansal answers, You can write that skill however be sure you will be questioned on it and if you are confident you can face the employer’s questions you can write it down without worrying too much.

MB asked, I want to the real arrangement/rather the look of standard resume having more then 14 yrs of exp in power/electrical field
Amit Bansal answers, MB, for 14 yrs of experience the more important thing to highlight is your professional experience in terms of the various responsibilities you have undertaken. You can include the chronology of your employment as a separate category.

kps asked, Is it alright to lie a bit in your resume, how serious are the background checks?
Amit Bansal answers, Background check are pretty stringent. You must provide only correct information on your resume.

harry asked, hii amit is der gud 2 send a covering letter with ur resume??
Amit Bansal answers, Only if asked for a covering letter.

chirag asked, with reference to your answer to edna, i would like to know if i have 5 years of experience and have changed three companies then to i have to restrict my cv to 2 pages
Amit Bansal answers, Resume, not CV. And yes, restrict it to two pages.

shrawan asked, Sir,it is necessary to design resume company/sectorwise
Amit Bansal answers, yes it is.

SMR asked, Does the resume formats in India are of international formats ?
Amit Bansal answers, Pretty much the same. There is no great difference in an International or Indian format.

Suchitra asked, Sir, Can you please let us know which are some common mistakes that we should look out for while drafting our resume?
Amit Bansal answers, Formatting, spellings, written correct information which you can substantiate with examples during personal interview and highlighting most important areas that match the job description of the profile you are applying for.

sriram asked, Hi Amit I am having total 7yrs work exp but only 4yrs is from IT…Is it good to keep Non-IT exp in profile or not?
Amit Bansal answers, Yes off course. However you can stress on areas where you learned skills that can be used in IT related field.

Kathrine asked, Hi Amit, I’m still in college and wanted to have a resume ready. Does including the extra ciricular activities you’ve participated in during school and college days count for anything in one’s resume?
Amit Bansal answers, Absolutely. Your extra curricular activities show how achievement oriented and productive you are as an individual. And there is so much more we learn through extra curricular activities.

Trainee asked, 1. what is the difference between bio data, Resume, CV and Profile ??? 2. Hi, I have 8 years of industry experience, but my current organisation is at loss when it comes to remuneration and promotion, hence i am planning to change, but the issue is my current designation and pay is far lower that the industry standards which creates issue with the prospect org. How to deal with this ?
Amit Bansal answers, That really does not matter. You can highlight to the HR that I was underpaid and that is one of the reasons why I am planning to move. Highlight the market package and be assertive that you are expecting at least that much from your prospective employer.

axn asked, I am having 22 years of experience mostly in Telecom sector.Currently due to the problems in this sector the last company I worked with was not doing well for itself and has pink slipped. Am jobless for last 3 months. How do I make my CV in such a way that I am not in the negative light?
Amit Bansal answers, There have been many who were rendered jobless during recession. I dont think that will add any negative aspect to your resume. However, i suggest you highlight what were you doing during these three months. When you are asked for a reason, you can go ahead and tell them you were hit by recession.

Trainee asked, what is the difference between bio data, Resume, CV and Profile ???
Amit Bansal answers, Resume included the chronology of your work experience and educational qualification. It should not be beyond 2 pages. CV is a very detailed document usually written by research professionals highlighting their research work, projects and papers. It can be upto 10 pages and more. A bio-data is a biological information usually written for jobs like airline cabin crew, or stewards in hotels or for matrimonial sites. A profile is a summary of your professional experience. A one pager usually like a snapshot.

chirag asked, is it necessary to write objectives and goals on top of the CV. if yes what are the reasons for the same
Amit Bansal answers, An objective statement is like a punchline for your resume. It highlights your intent to join a particular organization or job profile. It can also get your resume noticed.

Edna asked, Hi Amit, I’ve heard that companies usually dump half the resumes they get without even going through it in detail. How can I make sure that my resume atleast gets read. Should I put in a different color paper? Is there any way I can make them give me that one chance?
Amit Bansal answers, Edna, spend time building your resume. It should not be more than 2 pages, formatted well and write an objective statement which will get your resume noticed in the crowd.

Pridhvi asked, I’m currently pursuing my B.Com and would like to join a job and then see if I can do my masters later on. I wanted to know as a fresher what should I put in my resume. I do not have any prior experience. Do you think i should intern anywhere this year? Can I include that as experience?
Amit Bansal answers, Pridhvi, you can include your internship experience on resume. It will be good. But you can apply for a job even without any work experience as a fresher. Use the following order to write your resume: Name; objective statement; educational qualification; project work; technical competencies; personal competencies; extra curricular activities; achievements and finally personal details without your marital status.

subbu asked, Sir… i m having 9 exp. in financial service sector. would like to rebuild my resume.. what would be your best suggestion.
Amit Bansal answers, Subbu, if you have changed many jobs in the 9yrs then it is important to first highlight your professional experience including all the different kind of work you have done, technologies you have handled etc. after that you can include your work experience with names and durations and designations in the different organizations you have worked for.

sweety asked, Hi Amit, Is it standard procedure to put a photograph of yours in the resume? What are the main parts of the resume that are a must
Amit Bansal answers, It is not a standard procedure to attach a photograph. However, you may do it if you like. Include a passport size photograph in business attire.

Angelina asked, Hi Amit, is there any definite order in which the resume should be written? or is it different from company to company?
Amit Bansal answers, Usually it is different from company to company. However the usual chronology is; name; address; objective statement; professional experience; educational qualification; other certifications or extra curricular activities and personal details. All of this should not go beyond 2 pages.

sukram asked, Hi Amit, I have changed 7 jobs in the last one year. When I go to interivews they look at it as a negative since I’ve skipped so many jobs. Should I not mention this in my resume?
Amit Bansal answers, I hope you got my response. I cannot see it on my chat window. However, let me tell you, that if you change the format of your resume it will help you get noticed for your professional experience. After that you can give the chronology of your work experience.

sukram asked, Hi Amit, I have changed 7 jobs in the last one year. When I go to interivews they look at it as a negative since I’ve skipped so many jobs. Should I not mention this in my resume?
Amit Bansal answers, Sukram, i suggest you change the format of your resume, first highlighting your all the professional experience you have had in all these years in bullets. After that you can highlight your work experience chronology. Also, you must have convincing reasons for changing your jobs. If you are able to provide genuine reasons i dont think it will be considered as negative.

Amit Bansal says, This response is for all the questions asked so far. To highlight your resume, or specific things you must mention in your resumes, please bear in mind that studying the job description is very important. There are certain common categories that should be included in your resume which are; your qualifications, job experience and achievement. Beyond that you must see what is specifically asked by the interviewer in the job description.


Rediff Chat Date: July 6, 2011




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