Assessment at PurpleLeap

The IRIX test will measure proficiency level across the areas such as General Aptitude, Communication Skills, and Programming &Testing Aptitude. Based on the assessment, students will get the IRIX score which leads them to understand whether they are ready to deploy, or need training before deployment.

Assessment Framework

Test Name Number Of Questions
Generic Ability 65
Technical Skills 30
Total Questions 95

Generic Ability Test is further divided into three sub-tests.

  • Communication – Contextual, Mechanics, and Reading Comprehension
  • General Aptitude – Critical Reasoning, Data Analysis, Logical Reasoning, Problem Solving,
  • Attention to Detail
  • Programming Aptitude
Test Name Number Of Questions
Communication 18
General Aptitude 35
Programming Aptitude 12

Technical Skills Test Consists of:

  • IT – Database Fundamentals, Network Fundamentals, Object Oriented Programming (OOP) and SQL
  • Electronics- 8086 Microprocessor, Analog Communication, Analog Electronics, Digital Communication and Digital Electronics
  • Mechanical – Thermodynamics, Machine Design, Material Science, Production Technology
  • Electrical – Electrical Networks, Electrical Machines, Power Electronics, Power Systems
Test Name Number Of Questions
IT 30
Electronics 30
Mechanical 30
EEE 30

Analysis Methodology

  • The scores of the tested population were compared with benchmark data of PurpleLeap. The benchmark data is the consolidation of all data points analyzed (approximately 40,000 test takers)
  • The benchmarks have been arrived based on the analyzed data
  • This data gives us the level at which the industries are hiring. The following are the benchmarks:
Category Percentages
Readiness – Very Strong 75% and above
Readiness – Strong 60% to 74%
Readiness – Medium 40% to 59%
Readiness – Low 30% to 39%
Readiness – Very low Below 30%



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