Tips on how to stay calm in a stress interview

It would be a good idea to ask for an interview agenda beforehand. Try to find out who will be in the interview, what role they have, who will decide whether to hire you, who you would have to report to if you were hired etc. Since you also invest time going to the interview you should consider it as your right to know who you are going to meet. when you are going for interview it is always good to be prepared in all the possible ways.

Tip #1: Don’t be negative about the fact of taking part in such kind of interview. Realise that you are in the midst of a stress interview. Consider it as an opportunity to rise to the challenge and respond in a confident and professional manner.

Tip #2: Deal with the questions at the interview the same way as you would deal with them on the job. The more realistic you are the better.

Tip #3: Don’t provoke aggression or create conflict.

Tip #4: Don’t allow your frustration to take over, behave normally.

Tip #5: Maintain eye contact with the interviewer. Keep your answers short in order not to get interrupted.

Tip #6: Take control of the space around you. You could for example walk up to the flip chart and write some notes on it in order to emphasize your points.

Tip #7: Be straight. If you feel that the interview starts turning into a psychological game you should stand up, lean forward with your fists down on th table and say to the interviewer: “I’m here to help you solve your problems. If you want to stress me realistically, put one or two problems or challenges you’re facing on the table and I’ll show you how I’d tackle them. If I can’t help you on this level, you shouldn’t hire me.”

Tip #8: If the interviewer stresses you purposely, slow down and try to speak as calmly and softy as you can.

Tip #9: Remember it’s not the interviewer’s question that is important but the quality of your answers. Therefore take a breath and focus on the question.

Tip #10: Sometimes questions don’t have a correct or wrong answer. Remember that the interviewer might just want to see how you are dealing the situation.

Tip #11: Don’t look too serious or irritated at the interviewer. If the interviewer tries to provoke you, you should not erase the smile on your face.

Tip #12: No matter what the interviewer throws at you, remain cool and calm.

Tip: #13: If the interviewer asks you the same question over and over again, then please be clear on what you say and stick to that. Don’t change your answers.
Tip #14: Don’t take the interviewer too personal, he is just playing a role in order to get a response out of you. Try to depersonalize the interview and remain detached. Be professional.

Tip #15: Try not to let the interviewer(s) see that you’re nervous. Don’t give them the opportunity to rule you out from further consideration for the job. This might be what they are looking for.

Tip #16: Don’t mirror the interviewer’s behaviour by becoming defensive and argumentative. After the interviewer usually the interviewer will revert to his original demeanour.

Tip #17: If you don’t know the answer to a question, you could say (smiling) “Wow, that’s a good question. That’s something that I’d like to think about.” In that case you would diffuse the whole problem.



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