By Neha Aggarwal

Consultant-Business Skills, PurpleLeap


Communication Skill Enhancement Program (CSEP) is a unique theme driven curriculum. Each theme is designed with an emphasis on practical application of skills and concepts in day to day communication activities. CSEP helps students practice English in real life situations both inside and outside classroom through organizing and participating in events. All learning is spread across multiple themes that are relevant for students of engineering, both within college and at work.


Each module of CSEP is uniquely designed to engage students using social media (Facebook, blogging etc.), web, guided activities, free activities and hands on experience. The classroom sessions are made student –friendly and interactive to ensure that each student gets personal attention with opportunities to speak, read, write and listen. Students get to practice English in real life situations both inside and outside classroom through organizing and participating in the events.


The focus of the program is to provide opportunities for holistic development in terms of communication and personal effectiveness. Real Plays provide a platform to the students to effectively use their skills and apply the concepts learnt in the sessions.  Students will learn to organize events, coordinate with people, make formal speeches, socialize, follow social and business etiquette, listen and speak in any communication activity with confidence.


2 comments on “CSEP

  1. meeting is a way to think about the problem(s) in any organization or industry and find out multiple solutions regarding that problem(s) people by many specialist of relevent interest of areas. and then chose the best one. a meeting can be productive by geting multiple probles as same as that original one and there should have multiple solutions with draw chart in many dimentions of that problem. it doesn’t metter that what post you have but what ideas you have, so haed of the meeting should have participation by each of the member of the meeting.

  2. Meeting is not a things it is an activity where we discuss the most probably every part and activity which could be done in our working hour. In the meeting we have meet with different different people and share our view and thoughts that what could i think .In the enviornment of the office there are so many people comes daily and we have interact with them and know his or her view for our organisation and self behaviour.And it is very necessay for every one to join the every meeting which is conduct in the office because in the meeting every one know something external related to the job and the external enviornment of office

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