What’s going on at our terminal?

By Celeste Dean

Lead Consultant-Business Skills, PurpleLeap

Last night I was watching the movie ‘the terminal’ starring Tom Hanks. Besides the fact that the protagonist is my favorite actor, the movie opened my eyes to a lot of questions many of us continuously think about; whether we are students preparing for a corporate life or professionals leading a peaceful or chaotic professional lives.

While I was watching this movie and thinking, a few things fell in perspective in my life.

1.  Being at the wrong place at the wrong time: Viktor Nevorski (aka Tom Hanks) a resident of the country of Krakozhia reaches JFK airport just to find out that while he was in flight his country went to war and does not have a sovereign status under the US laws. Therefore, his passport and legal status as a resident of that country is forfeited and he is now an ‘Unacceptable’.

Many a time we also find ourselves stranded at the wrong place at the wrong time. Maybe we chose a particular stream of study as advised by our peers or parents (becoming an engineer is good for you or an MBA degree will give you an edge in the job market). But when we started off we realized we are stuck, with the wrong subject and a wrong college as well. Same goes for working professionals as well. At one time out of desperation to find a full time job I picked up a job where I found myself stuck. I was stuck in a wrong profile and with wrong people.

Are we dealing with this stage today? Or were we in this stage at any point of time in our life?

2.  The idea is what do we do with the wrong timing and place: Ever heard of the phrase ‘Everything happens for good’? We use it more often than we think we do and always to pacify ourselves that we are here because we lacked options. Viktor, in the JFK transit lounge loses the food coupons given to him as an act of mercy by the immigration department, does not know how to use the calling card and on top of all this misery can barely speak or understand English. Until he watches the television, he does not even know why he’s not allowed outside the airport. Now that can be too dramatic to handle. But what I liked was the way opportunity was identified by him. He notices that every time he deposits the baggage trolleys at the trolley station the machine gives him 25cents. Well, an opportunity identified an acted upon!! He finds an occupation on the airport which allows him to eat and keep him busy.

 So we are at the wrong place at the wrong time? Now what do we do about the entire situation. We have two options, either we curse everyone for allowing us to be in that situation or we find an opportunity to grow in that situation? Last week I was interacting with a colleague who is planning a workshop for all employees of our organization on designing a robot. We will learn to make our own robots. The management is contemplating that this will be a waste of time for non-technical people. I am totally a non-technical person; all I would learn in that workshop is to build a robot that runs on my command and does what I want it to do. I will screw its bolts and solder its wires and apply a little mathematics which I have long forgotten. I guess that’s all I will learn…. I will only learn a sense of achievement and a few more things after dirtying my hands with tools.

3.  Doing the right thing in the wrong place: The immigration officers at the JFK airport got so fed up with Viktor since he was able to find a job at the airport that paid and almost made gate 63 of the terminal his home. Since the possibilities of him going back to his country were grim till the civil war continued and they could not allow him on the US soil, they plotted to allow him to escape from the airport so that he becomes someone else’s headache.

 Last week a professional asked me, my boss doesn’t care about making meetings productive or effective. He organizes meetings to waste time. Why should I care about these meetings at all? Well good thought I must say. But if this situation is bothering him and affecting his productivity, then it’s a huge concern for him. But if it doesn’t and his coffee still tastes the way it used to be when he was doing a productive job then he can go ahead and care two hoots. But if our coffee doesn’t smell the same we will do something to make it smell good.

So how do we know that what we are doing is the right thing or not? It’s fairly simple, anything that does not add to our growth and productivity, anything that does not make us a more positive person and anything that does not add positively towards our self-image and self-esteem is not the right thing.

So, are we at the wrong place at the wrong time? Then look at what’s going on at our terminal. Maybe until the wrong timing lasts we will be doing a lot of right things… bringing a change not just to our life but inspiring others too.

Have a great flight and stay productive! 🙂








2 comments on “What’s going on at our terminal?

  1. A pleasure to read. Moreover, it amazed me how so much of learning is around us. All we need to do is to be receptive to it. Wonderful post!

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