Beyond conventional IT education

Indian IT industry got a boost when the US faced the Y2K problem in the last decade of the 20th century. This crea­t­ed an enormous necessity for graduates with expertise in information and communication technology skills. The department of electronics, wh­i­ch became operational in the late 70s, triggered teaching programmes by giving financial grants as well as academic support through creation of curricula at the po­st-graduate level in some universities. A study done in 2009, ‘R&D Globalisation — A China Perspective’, by Zinnov Management Consulting, reve­aled that China was home to ab­out 920 MNCs who have established 1,100 R&D cent­res, while the numbers for In­dia were significantly lower at 671 MNCs with 680 centres. Th­is scenario is now changing. At present, over 700 MNCs ha­ve R&D centres in India and more than 2 lakh engineering and computer science graduates are working in them. The rep­o­rt shows that the Indian cent­res are much ahead on the ov­erall maturity curve.

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