5 Effective Tips To Concentrate on Study

Concentration on lessons or daily studies is really a vast expected topic for the students. Student life is passed in a time when the boys or girls become eager to non-study related things like games, internet, traveling or so on.

On the other end, they can’t concentrate their mind on a given lesson for long time. Their mind is deflected to several other things which are not related to study. But concentration is a fact which s drastically needed in order to memorizing and understanding every lessons of a book.

You will be noticed that; if you memorize a lesson without proper attention; you will not be able to keep it memorized for long time. This is why most of the students don’t do better in examination and fall in study related depression.

So, how to be concentrated or sticking mind on study?

There are several best 5 effective ways by using these you can concentrate your mind on your study –

  • Don’t Memorize; Rather Gather Knowledge

The common mistake most of the students are doing which is – straight memorizing a lesson. Why not you think about your lesson or given chapter as a knowledge trivia from where you can gather knowledge about a new thing?

Think every topic and chapters as a quiz and find out the answer within your lesson. This tactics not only increase your concentration but also assist you to keep this lesson on your brain for a long term.

  • Take Rest & Have Fun

It’s really annoying and monotonous to study for a long time. You will never ever be able to study for a long time if you don’t give yourself a tiny rest or intermission after certain times. At the time of taking rest for 2 or 5 minutes; you can listen song or do any other things that you like.

  • Take Ablution Before Study

Washing hand and face makes you spirited and concentrated. Before sitting on your reading table; please wash your hand, face and legs. Then see how much fresh you are feeling.

  • Say Prayer or Worship

No matter what kind or religion you believe in; just remember your God and say a prayer. Prayer is the superb tactic to concentrate the mind on specific topics.

  • Reward You For Success

Yes! Rewarding own-self. Just tell yourself – “If you can complete this lesson within 30 minutes; I will give you a chocolate”. Remember, here you must have to give you a specific time within which you have to finish (memorize) your lesson to get the prize.

It’s all about concentrating on Study. The important thing is that- you have to have the wish to be concentrate on study and do better in exam. If you have the wish to do better; you must be succeed. Best Luck.

Source: http://www.online-education-consultant.com


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