My Disappointment on PLAY-BOOK from RIM

By Ranjith Murali

IMS- CORE, PurpleLeap

I was wandering around the market place and was ignited with a sparkling idea of getting my hands on what I call my favourite RIM (Research In Motion) product. You guys know am crazy about blackberry gadget; I couldn’t resist myself in holding a playbook. With a wink of my eyes I could perceive Salman Khan promoting playbook in India. Hold on that’s not all, the embracing tag line made it much more impressive “Bollywood’s Play boy launches Playbook”

It was crazy folks you all won’t believe how I felt. I wished to own playbook right at the moment but it’s not as easy as we all know. A funny reason was I did not receive my incentive bucks so I just had to look and admire it. Personal sentiments later…!!!

While I am serious of RIM (Research In Motion) for its helplessness to get its Play-Book tablet on top of marketplace, RIM is holding back on it for the right reasons. You wish to know the right reason? Keep reading you will find it yourself.

RIM went all the way out of the box to give emphasis to applications and user experience on its tablet. This is validated the choice of RIM and lets the Play-Book to run Android apps in addition to BlackBerry apps. Yes you heard it right Android on playbook. In doing so, the Play-Book develops more of serious threat against Apple since the applications presently prevailing in BlackBerry App World wouldn’t have increased demand for the Play-Book alone, it opens up the door to Android apps ensures the status on applications first and hardware second.

Yes it’s all true. If android pairs with Playbook, Apple I-Pad would incur a great hit back. If you have read my previous post on Android and Blackberry you could understand that RIM doesn’t believe on Android operating system from Google and they have their own Blackberry OS.

Some interesting I found out is that the Play-Book is delayed in catching upfront and that is because of performance with its Flash support. When I asked the sale executive about what flash has to do with the delay, he had no answer rather to give me a funny smile.

Here is an external link which I found interesting to make you all understand about what is this Flash all about.

Flash support is the highest differentiators that the Play-Book has over the Apple IPad.

It was now time to get out of the store as I could sense the executive was annoyed by my questions and I felt him loosing patients and safely walk out with no bones broken.

Apple appears to be firmly hosting the cards right now and has definitely earned the right to do so. Hopefully, it’s only a matter of time before another manufacturer steals some of Apple’s pixie dust to offer a serious tablet competitor of its own.


When you remember technology its nothing but the CORE …


2 comments on “My Disappointment on PLAY-BOOK from RIM

  1. Ranjith, how come we’ll know that you are crazy about blackberry gadget!

    How come Playbook sales exec will lose patients, you went to store or hospital?

    Anyways….a good article…keep it up…I’ll be following your blog

  2. Thanking you for your valuable comments, I appreciate you in following the blog, your support ignite me to writing more.

    It was strange by the way when sales representative grimed on my questions. I poked him a bit more out of my enthusiasm on learning about the gadget. Well to explain in elaborate my meaning of patients was losing temper, and it’s lucky that I dint walk upfront to a hospital, they would have admitted me right royally.

    Keep following the blog there is much awaiting to value add your daily living…

    Happy Reading


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