Robotics education in India

By Vinay Kumar B. S.

 Sr. Business Manager, PurpleLeap

Some of the best minds in the world are trying to crack some of the most complicated robotics challenges. And they are winning. Robotics in the 2010s is expected to grow like the computers of the 1980s. India is the future, the world’s new order, the youngest population in the world – and will be a leader in the Robotics revolution.

“Robotics already is having a transformative impact on the workplace, from the factory floor to hospital operating rooms. In the coming days, this impact can be extended to homes and highways to increase the ability to live independently and to save lives”

Most of the Universities have taken robotics as a core research area and have developed teams including professors & students to research dedicatedly on robotics. Universities are integrating robotics with science, technology, engineering and math to keep their students on the forefront of technology.

Many Universities have started setting up advanced robotic labs in collaboration with leading robotic research companies.

Robotics education is an emerging field in India, and if student response is any indication – the potential is immense. Economic Times estimates Robotics education in India as a 500 Crore industry.

Robotics is rightly viewed as a key enabler and educational tool. Like in the US and many other countries, robotics in India will become a mainstay of educational curricula at all education levels. Many students actively take part in robotic competitions in India, and are keen to do robotics projects, and attend robotics workshops. Introducing robotics at an early age can foster their interest in science and technology.

Robot- centered competitions like FIRST, BotBall, FIRA and Robocup continue to flourish. Leading companies including Google, Intel and Microsoft have funded a variety of university projects in computer science education, including a multi-million dollar center.

Markets for educational robotic kits at $27.5 million in 2007 are anticipated to reach $1.69 billion by 2014. Robot entertainment and educational markets at $184.9 million in 2007 are anticipated to reach $2.985 billion by 2014. Market growth is spurred by the evolution of a new technology useful in a range of industry segments. The educational and entertainment robots represent a first step in the evolution of the robotic markets because they provide the teaching aspect of the market that precedes any other market evolution in the services and mobility segments of consumer robotics.



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