Hosting Your Personal Web Site from Home

By Prateek Gupta

IMS, PurpleLeap

Cyber space is filled with lots of fun when you explore in it..!!

There are millions of websites in this cyber space that are used to meet business requirements, display and download information, for social networking, for entertainment, gaming, etc.

There are applications available on the World Wide Web that can be used to download latest events, updates & news to your mobile.

Today, I am going to talk about one such interesting fact about the cyber world.

I am going to share information about “how to host your own website from home”

Things to know –

  • Are you like most of the home users that connect to Internet using a DSL phone line, cable & a box provided by the Internet service provider that looks something like this with or without the antenna….??


Then, probably you have a Dynamic IP Address………!!

As most of you might already know, it’s the ‘IP address’ that allows the location of billions of digital devices that are connected to the Internet to be pinpointed and differentiated from other devices.


A dynamic IP address is one that changes every time you connect to the internet.

  • Hosting a Web-site using a Dynamic IP Address is one of the major issues.Running a web server using a dynamic IP makes it difficult for people to get to it, since you can’t link a fixed IP to your web-site name. Imagine trying to visit a friend who changes his house and hence his address very often..!!
  • If you want to host your own website from home


  • You do not want to spend too much on hosting by buying a Static (fixed) IP Address from you Internet service provider.

Here is the Solution:

Requirements –

  • A computer configured with a server (most preferred).
  • IIS Service configured and hosted with a web site.
  • Registered with a DDNS (Dynamic Domain Name Service) provider.

DDNS provider keeps a domain name linked to a changing or dynamic IP address.

For e.g.   |   |

When the above requirements are met, people all across the Internet can get to your website even if you have a Dynamic IP Address.

This is how it works – 

•              People type in your domain name on their web browsers.

•              The DNS looks up your domain name in its database and the request is forwarded to the DDNS provider’s IP address.

•              DDNS service then forwards the page request to your current IP address.

How does DDNS keep track of all those IP address changes?

The DDNS Client program given by your DDNS provider, automatically updates the address.

It constantly monitors your computer’s current IP number, keeps it up to date and notifies your DDNS service’s servers when your IP address changes. When a change is detected, the software automatically logs onto the DDNS provider’s computer using your user name and password, and updates your listing to the new IP address.

For More information on DDNS visit the mentioned below link.


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