What Companies Want

The selection criteria for companies differ, depending on the stream the students belong to. For example, in case of engineering students, a BE or BTech is enough to land him/her in a good job. For others in areas such as soil studies, environmental engineering, civil or electrical engineering, where one learns the usage and management of alternative energy, an MTech degree is preferred since these are highly specialised subjects. For graduates of arts and humanities there are a wide variety of opportunities in content writing, editing, copy writing, corporate communication, NGOs, etc. “All industries look for vibrant, energetic individuals who are ready to accept challenges, are attentive, with a consistent academic background and who are fast learners and are open to learning even at work,” explains Siddhartha Bhattacharyya, officer.

Read More http://epaper.timesofindia.com/Default/Scripting/ArticleWin.asp?From=Archive&Source=Page&Skin=TOINEW&BaseHref=TOIBG/2011/12/12&PageLabel=12&EntityId=Ar01200&ViewMode=HTML

Source: The Times of India


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