Duties of a Team Member

A team can achieve their goal easily when there is proper synchronization within its members. As an individual in a team if one knows what are his duties and responsibilities then the overall achievement will be high and the work process also will run smooth. The basic concept is to understand the strength and weakness of each other member.

Team members don’t have specific responsibilities, but their participation is critical to the team’s success. Team members must agree to:

  • Be enthusiastic and committed to the team’s purpose.
  • Be honest and keep any confidential information behind closed doors.
  • Share responsibility to rotate through other team roles like facilitator, recorder, and timekeeper.
  • Share knowledge and expertise and not withhold information.
  • Ask questions, even seemingly “dumb” ones. Often the new perspective of “inexperienced” team members can provide insight.
  • Fulfill duties in between meetings.
  • Respect the opinions and positions of others on the team, even if the person has an opposing view or different opinion

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