How to perfect your interview?

So you’ve finally landed an interview for that dream job you’ve always wanted. Now what? Do you go into panic mode as you try and figure out how to best prepare for the interview, or do you remain calm, cool and collected as you review your interviewing basics checklist. Now is the time to buckle up and prepare for the big day because as they say, there is no second chance to make a first impression. A face to face interview preparation will make you more confident, help you identify points that may let you down and will definitely improve your chances of getting that job.

Always remember that you cannot underestimate your competition and all of them are working hard to enjoy the same fruit. Face to face interview is the only parameter that will decide who will win the marathon and who will be the also-rans. Therefore preparation for an interview is essential. Just to underline the importance of preparation, remember, that many well prepared candidates have a better chance of getting selected than many well qualified ones. Therefore prepare, prepare and prepare!

A few import areas that one needs to address in his interview preparations include one’s tone, body posture, enthusiasm, subject knowledge, background research on the company, knowledge of the role, etiquettes and one’s ability to showcase oneself as the right fit.


Below are the Q-A sessions in Rediff chat answered by Amit Bansal, the founder and CEO of PurpleLeap.


vinni asked, Hi Amit I recently changed my job about 6 months ago. But the work here is not satisfying; I got another chance with a product company with which the F2F interview is scheduled next week. I always desired to be with that company. What should I tell at the time of Interview since I barely joined present company 6 months back only.. How can I convince them I am not interested in current work assignment and interested in joining their organization …
Amit Bansal answers, Well in this case you can tell them that this company is like a dream job because of (state the reasons). Make sure you have looked at the job description carefully and prepared yourself about about all anticipated interview questions.

feroz asked, SIR which dress suitable for interview like formal etc.
Amit Bansal answers, Formals or semi formals are good. Do not get over dressed and ensure you are wearing something that suits your personality.

lol asked, let says the interview went all OK and during HR around when it comes to salary they say 30% and I say 40%,,,what are the skills required at this stage?
Amit Bansal answers, 30% hike is industry standard. Beyond this can be a little difficult. However you may try based on how exclusive your experience is and how critical that experience can be for the business of your potential employer.

birendra asked, what if the interviewer asks why “YOU”?
Amit Bansal answers, For this question, you need to study the job description carefully and ensure you align your experience, strengths and knowledge to the job description. That’s the key; the interviewer is looking at how your knowledge skills and attitude fit in with the job you will be doing.

kanaka asked, I have location preference due to personal reasons. I am planning to quit my current job for the said reason. I am also outdated in my knowledge. How should I proceed?
Amit Bansal answers, I guess you know what you must do to update your knowledge. And if you are moving jobs because of location, let your interviewer know about it.

abhinav asked, how should one tackle telephonic interviews which are very common these days..
Amit Bansal answers, be clear when you speak over the phone. Do not interrupt and ensure you smile. A smile can be heard over the telephone. The other rules remain the same, know what you have written on your resume and talk with conviction with evidences about your work experience.

DS asked, I have qualified for NDA SSB interview. Interview will be held at Dehradun on 30th Jan. onwards. Any tip sir,
Amit Bansal answers, Be confident. The biggest trait looked at is commitment and stable mind. If you are able to highlight that you will surely be selected. All the best!

shekhar asked, how to gain confidence, sometimes I am not unable to say certain things confidently.Due to this I missed 3 jobs
Amit Bansal answers, It needs to be practiced. Believe in what you are telling your potential employer and keep practicing. Do not take an interview failure to stop you from preparing better for the next one.

ran asked, I had been working in IT field for almost 3 years. As I was interested to switch into banking/finance sector, i tried many PO test but couldn’t make any. Now I am doing MBA in finance from a reputed college, how should I convince recruiters who come from bankin/finance background about the switch from IT to this sector
Amit Bansal answers, you can say that it is your interest, provided it really is. You can also say that you were in the IT industry to earn while you were studying for a finance sector job.

dsdsd asked, what is the right way of answer when interviewer asked to tell us about ourselves
Amit Bansal answers, You must highlight what you are doing currently, what you have done in the past and your future plans. Keep it strictly professional and ensure whatever you say is in alignment to the current job profile that you are applying for.

chiii asked, If the interviewer asks about previous manager what should I say? I left my prev company coz of manager only
Amit Bansal answers, I do not think that’s a good reason to give. You can say personal reasons or for better opportunities. Those are more or less safe reasons. However, I would encourage you to introspect to find out the reasons of disharmony with your manager; So that you can avoid similar situations in your future employment.

birendra asked, I should lean towards the interviewer or sit back?
Amit Bansal answers, you should sit back comfortably without slouching on the chair. Keep an upright posture and you may keep your hands on the table.

ariv asked, Hell Sir, Can you please tell that what should be the right answer to the interviewer if asked that “why are changing jobs so frequently”
Amit Bansal answers, There is no right or wrong answer. What has been your reason for frequent job changes?

Chegu asked, I have 3 years of experience in ecommerce and now working in BPO as csp since 16 months and no growth
Amit Bansal answers, well, which area would you like to grow your skills in? Are you planning to continue in the BPO industry or move out?

birendra asked, what should be body language at the time of interview?
Amit Bansal answers, it should be confident and pleasant. Make sure you make appropriate eye contact and smile.



Chat Date: 27 January, 2012



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