Make a Mark

Career is defined by the Oxford English Dictionary as a person’s “course or progress through life”. So your Career is about much more than the work you do.  It’s about the things you learn, the opportunities you get, the people you work with, and the environment that supports you. It’s about making your mark, and doing things that matter- to you, to your company, and to the world around you.

Manhattan Associates, the global leader in supply chain solutions, has created Manhattan MARK is a Unique, Personalized Experience Designed for Your Career Success. We help our interns to build a successful Career at Manhattan.

We build our relationship with you across four key dimensions for long-term career success:

1. Mastery-Our associates are recognized all over the world for their innovation and expertise. We’ll help you master the skills and gain experience with leading technologies that capture the attention of leading companies worldwide.

2. Achievement-We’ll work together to build not only technical expertise, but also career and management skills you can use to achieve more, at a faster pace.

MARK-Mastery Achievement Relevance Knowledge

3. Relevance-Our Solutions help the world’s leading brands (such as Walmart, Whirlpool, Adidas, Avon, 3Sinopharm and more than 1,200 others) master the art of getting the right product to the right place at the right time and cost. what we do matter, and the work you do will help the world’s largest companies do things that matter, too.

4. Knowledge-At Manhattan, you’ll be exposed to experts around the globe who can help you across all dimensions of your career. Continuous “blended learning” across a variety of topics using the latest techniques means every day at Manhattan gives you an opportunity to learn.

Mastery Achievement Relevance Knowledge

Team Manhattan is here to find the

Right Path for You

Other companies have internship programs, but Manhattan MARK digs deeper to help us really get to know each other-so you really understand the company and what’s relevant to you, and we really understand you and how best to apply your talents, skills and interests. We take the time to build a mutually beneficial relationship, working across four dimensions for long-term success.

Mastery Achievement Relevance Knowledge




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