Career in Embedded Technology

Many software professionals are now going for a career in embedded systems, the latest wave in technology. The communications industry is at an all – time high with embedded technology playing a crucial role in its advancement.

Professionals trained in embedded systems technologies happen to be a rare commodity in the recruitment market place. The demand for embedded systems engineers for product development and application will continue to grow in the years to come.

Embedded Technology is a combination of computer hardware, software and additional mechanisms, an embedded device is one in which the software is hidden in the hardware on which it runs. Embedded systems are designed to perform a specific function within a given time frame.

Embedded devices are found inside (besides PCs or workstations) in anything electronic that seems intelligent such as handheld devices like personal digital assistants PDAs, toys, automobiles, mobile phones, microwave ovens, music systems, digital cameras, access cards, TVs, MP3 players, ATMs, traffic signals and numerous other gadgets that we come across in our every day life.

Some other interesting scenarios in which embedded systems can be used are; Heating and lighting systems, which sense their surroundings and help minimize power consumption; Embedded software allows your washing machine to choose speed according to the type of cloth, gives thinking power to the microwave, acts like a music conductor in the car engine and pushes rocket launches into space.

Embedded systems are similar to memory chips with applications pre-loaded onto them. Once programmed, the software cannot be changed and this is what makes it different from Personal Computer. There is a lack of technical talent is this highly evolving and developing area.



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