The power of YES

We’re so much more inclined to say no. No, because we’re afraid of something, everything, anything these days. We’re much more ready to stay home, to keep to ourselves, to keep our personal bubble intact… consequentially I think we miss out on so many opportunities, almost despite ourselves.

We’re such creatures of habit, we have our routines and go about them on a daily, weekly, monthly basis, with only very slight deviations. With all the stress we pile on ourselves, we become even more habitual- studies have shown this consistently – with little flexibility or ability to set goals. In a sense, even those of us who claim to know a greater life beyond our backyard – we really just end up creating a wider backyard and living within that. I try and live to expand mine continuously.

In life a simple “yes” can lead to to great wonders. one tends to perform out of their strength if they make up their mind to do so. Thus be it a student or a profession always say “Yes, I can do it” achieve success.

Source: Internet


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