Cloud Computing Benefits

Enterprises would need to align their applications, so as to exploit the architecture models
that Cloud Computing offers. Some of the typical benefits are listed below:
1. Reduced Cost
There are a number of reasons to attribute Cloud technology with lower costs. The
billing model is pay as per usage; the infrastructure is not purchased thus lowering
maintenance. Initial expense and recurring expenses are much lower than traditional
2. Increased Storage
With the massive Infrastructure that is offered by Cloud providers today, storage &
maintenance of large volumes of data is a reality. Sudden workload spikes are also
managed effectively & efficiently, since the cloud can scale dynamically.
3. Flexibility
This is an extremely important characteristic. With enterprises having to adapt, even
more rapidly, to changing business conditions, speed to deliver is critical. Cloud
computing stresses on getting applications to market very quickly, by using the most
appropriate building blocks necessary for deployment.


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