Network File Sharing

Every person that users computer or smartphone very often needs to view, copy or move files between the desktop computers, laptops, netbooks and smartphones. The files may be images, music, video files or documents. The easiest way to transfer files from one computer to another (PC to PC, Mac to Mac, PC to Mac, and vice versa) is by using a home network (also known as LAN – Local Area Network). LANs can be wired (with network cables), wireless (Wi-Fi), or a combination of the two. LANs are also widely used in most businesses.

Even if you have only one computer (or only one laptop or netbook) you still can benefit greatly from a home network if you have a smartphone or network attached storage device (NAS, basically a hard disk with network connection). Once you have a working network, you have to set up the network file sharing: the ability to share all the files in given disks or folders with the other computers on the network.

Within a network, every computer, laptop, nettop or NAS device must have a unique name (network computer name), which is used to find and connect to this computer.Every computer or NAS device may share one or more folders that will be visible from the other computers (or smartphones). Such folder is called network share or shared folder and must have a unique name within the computer.

For example, your desktop PC may have the name Atlas and to provide few network shares: DownloadsMusic and Photos. If you want to connect to one or more of these shares, you will have to use the following addresses\\Atlas\Downloads,\\Atlas\Music and \\Atlas\Photos.

Until recently the only option to transfer files between your computer and your smartphone was the physical USB cable connection, which is relatively simple but not very convenient. As many smartphones are Wi-Fi capable it is very convenient to view, open, copy or move files from your smarthone without any cables and without the need to sit in front of your desktop computer.




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