Career Assessments – Do’s and don’ts

Choosing a career is a complicated process that is based on a number of things, including your interests, skills, work-related values, and personality. One of the questions heard most often in this context is: How can I know, what I really want to choose as my career? It’s definitely true that you can’t make much leeway in finding a job if you haven’t decided what area you want to work in. Variations in this dilemma occur not only to fresher’s but also to more established job-seekers who have decided their careers aren’t a good fit but aren’t sure what else would be more satisfying.

Before you can make a career choice you have to learn about yourself. Your values, interests, and skills, in combination with certain personality traits, will make some careers especially suitable for you and some particularly inappropriate.


tausifmohamed asked, Good afternoon sir, I am doing my Electrical and Electronic Engineerin 3rd year . I select this because i was quiet intersted in electrical and electronics toys,model railways and much more but somewhere i found that this could be better in case of industry work how could i select my right way.


Below are the Q&A answered by Amit Bansal, CEO PurpleLeap

Amit Bansal answers, You can focus more on projects and hands on experience. Look for internship options as well because all this will add value to your profile.

NIRAJ asked, Hello i am 36 yrs & completed my B.COM in 1996 with first class & since then i am into family business but now now i want to do mba & get a job in financial sector. so please let me know what is a scope of getting good job at this age.
Amit Bansal answers, I don’t think getting a job will be too much an issue. However you may have to start with small brands and may also have to compromise a little with the profiles. Once you get a break you can explore opportunities. However whenever you are applying for a job ensure you highlight your experience which is relevant to the profile expectations. This way you can highlight your overall experience with a benefit to the prospective organization.

Amit asked, I would like PHD in general management/finance! I am an MBA with eight years of experience in the industries of Media, Financial Services, Consulting & IT. Would you recommend any specific area which I could target?
Amit Bansal answers, Operations management and operations research is a good area if you are someone who would like to explore beyond the boundaries.

MAMU asked, dear amit, what kind of career oriented course should i choose after my class xii results. i am interested in arts and commerce. any career-oriented, industry-oriented course for me?
Amit Bansal answers, I guess you can pick up a few courses but before that it’s important identify which area would you like to do a course. There are many courses available in multimedia and computers. Is that your interest area?



Chat Source: April 11, 2012



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