How to prepare for the perfect job interview

Below are the Q & A section answered by Amit Bansal, CEO PurpleLeap

chandokraj asked, A common question I`ve encountered is ” What do your subordinates would say about say, if asked “. What shud be the best answer?

Amit Bansal answers, This is another way of asking your strengths and weaknesses and how you take feedback from others.

TR asked, Hi Amit, I left an organization 3 years back as I was not promoted. I was not promoted because my appraisal ratings were not good. Now, after 3 years, I have received interview call from same organization for a requirement at next level. I am not sure how to respond to questions in interview “why you left us 3 years back? why are you joining us now?”
Amit Bansal answers, Have you initiated to apply for the company or they have asked you to come back? If they are asking you to come back then you can tell the reason why you left the organization and why you want to join back. But if you have applied for that job, you need to ask yourself why you are looking at returning to the same company even after your appraisal was not good the last time you were with them.

Vidya asked, Many times interview ask about information about projects from the last organization. How to answer this questions as if somebody may not want to disclose this information ?
Amit Bansal answers, Do not give specific details. In fact you can let your interviewer know that you will not be able to share some confidential information. I am sure any good company will appreciate your attitude.

Akshay asked, Hello Sir, If the Interviewer ask a specific question like, what are the development needs which your superiors advised.? How to handle this…Obiviously there are negative things which we dont want to highlight…In this case how to handle the scenario? Please Advice
Amit Bansal answers, This question is asked to check your ability to learn from your mistakes and accept your shortcomings positively with an action plan to work on them. There is nothing wrong in talking about your negative areas. We all have a few.

georcy asked, Is it advisable to get the CV written by a professional to get a advantage over others
Amit Bansal answers, You are the expert for writing your own resume.

Nisharani123 asked, What will be the perfect answer if any interviewer asked”Why you are planning to quit your present job”
Amit Bansal answers, Please check other replies. I have already responded to this question.

Ganesh asked, Hi Amit.. How should I do background research on the company, should I be humble in the interview or should I boast about my qualities? What are the strict no-nos when it comes to face to face interview?
Amit Bansal answers, Always highlight areas which will match your capability to the job requirements. So boasting will help only to a certain extent.

abcdedg asked, Hi Amit, In some interviews, i observed that the interviewer is going out of the requirement scope for technical things. How to over come this.
Amit Bansal answers, Just testing the depth of your knowledge. Please remember you need not know everything but you must know everything you have mentioned on your resume and required as per the job profile. Interviewers just push boundaries sometimes.

123 asked, Sir what i have to do if i dont have any idea about the ask question should i say no straight or should i try to coniviece in other manner
Amit Bansal answers, Well it’s a good idea to say you can find out about the answer if you are given an opportunity rather than giving a wrong answer.

ravikirank asked, in my last interview i told the interviewer that i acheived only 60% of the target because of some circumastances this year. he applied the same to his organization says they can’t take the reasons what i mentioned in the interview for non acheivement in thier organization if i supposed to work the same circumstances in the new organization. even though i make it to the final interview by this i think they didn’t consider my candidature. would like to should only lie in the interviews to get recruited and how this can be overcome.
Amit Bansal answers, A very genuine query Ravi. Appreciate you asking this question. When you are offering reasons for not being able to achieve your targets you must also talk about the root cause analysis you may have done for the failure. You must also highlight your learning from that situation and how you could have done things differently to achieve the targets. The point here is not whether you will be able to achieve the targets with an improved plan or after doing the root cause analysis. But it highlights your ability to learn from your mistakes and a constant urge to achieve.

rishi asked, what is the prefect reply to question”why do you want to leave the job.”
Amit Bansal answers, The perfect reply is a genuine reason of why you are leaving your current job. Most companies only want to check your commitment level when they ask this question. If you were not leaving your current job you would not be able to join them. And the reason they are interviewing you is because they want you to join. So don’t panic, this question doesn’t mean they want to reject your candidature. They just want an affirmation of your commitment.

Sally asked, Amit, I presently have 5 years experience in the industry I am currently working in. My present organization (I wouldn’t want to name them) is very reluctant to let their employees go, and even if somebody leaves, then if their prospective employers were to call back for a reference they usually say something not very helpful. This has made me apprehensive about leaving this job, but I don’t want to continue here either. Do you have a solution to my dilemna?
Amit Bansal answers, It’s a good idea to collect some positive feedback documented over emails or in the form of certifications your company may have given you during the time of your service. Present them during the interview or attach them as references when you submit your details to the HR of the new organization. I guess then it wouldn’t matter if verbally they don’t have anything good to say about you.

rishi asked, hi i gave an interview three days back,should i call them and ask about the result.
Amit Bansal answers, Wait for a week before you call.

Vidya asked, Hello Sir, How much percent of hike we should ask at the time interview ? Is there any ground rule which we normally have to follow to get best offer ?
Amit Bansal answers, First thing is we should not ask for a hike at the time of the interview. If you are asked specifically to quote a figure then you need to know the industry ratio. It ranges from 10% to 30% across different industries.

Damodar asked, Hi Amit, Is there any particular etiquette to follow for a telephone interview?
Amit Bansal answers, Basic telephone etiquette include finding a quiet place to speak and ensuring your phone volume is loud enough for both parties to hear properly. Do not chew while you speak and it’s a good idea to smile while talking as that will reflect confidence in your voice. You must keep your resume in front of you while talking with the interviewer. Try to sit at one place and speak rather than walking and talking.

vinod asked, I am called for interview at Big Recruitment firm in few days the want to interview me before shortlisting for final candidate for their client. What would be the reason for such face to face interview with firm and how I should be prepared for it?
Amit Bansal answers, Well this is a shortlisting procedure and very clearly it will be an elimination round. Please be thoroughly prepared for the interview and do look at the job profile before you go. Ensure you highlight your skills, knowledge and attitude which match the job profile.

Suraj asked, Hi Amit, When an interviewer asks please tell me about yourself, I often wonder what they want to hear, since my resume is already in front of them.
Amit Bansal answers, When the interviewer asks you about yourself, they want you to be able to articulate your thoughts which means your ability to communicate and secondly they want to know how well you can sell yourself. It’s really a sales pitch to sell yourself. And whatever facts you give should match with what you have written in the resume. However, you can go ahead an give extra details which you may not have mentioned on your resume.

SaketS asked, What is a good answer to the question ‘Where do you see yourself 5 years from now”
Amit Bansal answers, The interviewer is really trying to know if you have a mindset to grow and achieve new things in life. They are also looking at your ability to plan a career and how your plan will fit with the plan of the organization. So any answer is good as long as it addresses the basic questions interviewer has on mind.

nagesh asked, if some body approach us for overseas job vacancies what kind of precautions need to be taken, i mean to say what are the dos & don’t
Amit Bansal answers, You must take all details of the employer and the employment. You must then go ahead and do your own research to find out how genuine the profile and the company is before you decide to go for it.


Chat Date: April 25, 2012


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