Performance appraisal – do’s and don’ts

Employee performance appraisals are considered important in order to provide information about the employee’s performance. This information helps the management in taking decisions regarding salary hikes, promotions, confirmations, transfers, and demotions. Apart from this, employee performance appraisals provide feedback information about the level of achievement and behaviour of employees. The appraisal process also helps to assess the performance of the employees, rectify performance deficiencies, and set new standards of work if required.

This exercise plays a crucial role in providing information that helps to counsel employees. The information helps to identify deficiency in employees regarding skill and knowledge, determine training and developmental needs, recommend means for employee growth, and give suggestions for correcting placement. The performance appraisal form becomes a permanent record that has an impact on your career not only in the same organisation, but may also be used as reference if requested by a future employer.

Below is the Q & A session answered by Amit Bansal, CEO of PurpleLeap


Sreem asked, In the company where am working there is a 2tier appraisal process , initially my the reporting where rating is given and than finally by the reviewer , who is generally a grade higher than my boss. My question is – What is the exact role of a reviewer and can he change the ratings given by my immediate boss ?
Amit Bansal answers, Usually a reviewer may keep a check on the basis on which a particular rating is done. Different managers rate people differently and to ensure there is consistency in the appraisal process a reviewer may suggest changes in the rating. Like I said before some managers rate their employee leniently and other are too harsh. But in an organization there needs to be consistency.

Ame asked, Hi, Last year increment letter came . It is not motivating . My boss is convince with me regarding this. He told that he proposed for 23 % hike but it has been reduced to 14% looking after industry slow down . This year market is not good so next year again increment will hamper ? I do’t want to leave this organisation . What to do ?
Amit Bansal answers, There is very little your boss or the HR can do if there is a slow down in the industry. I think 14% hike is not bad.

shahrukh asked, due to my good work, my company every year increases my responsibility & promotion i.e. designation is increased. however, salary is not increased. this year also, my boss during appraisals, asked me, do I jave any issues if responsibility is increased? how to handle this?
Amit Bansal answers, You can state clearly that you expect increase in your compensation. There is no problem in stating your expectations.

cam asked, hi amit,as you know,the appraisals are done by reporting my case since last two years my boss gave me good ratings for my work & appraised me for promotions..but it was curtailed/normalised down by his bosses..this year also,thogh my boss has changed,he has also given good rating/promotion recomend,but i m NOT sure about the normalisation proces..there’s some grapevive that ratings are always pre decided by top it so??
Amit Bansal answers, Not really. Try and understand the normalization process. If there are three managers in an organization who have rated their employees and let’s say they have rated three employees, one in each of their teams as top performers. Now the basis on which they will rate each of their top performers can be different. Like one may be very lenient and another may be too harsh. When the top management is looking at the performance appraisal from an organization perspective they need to normalize the process. Otherwise some teams are promoting mediocrity and some teams are promoting over expectations. Therefore a process with the help of statistical mean identified by past data is used to arrive at this normalization. You can read more about it to understand it’s objective and process.

alokseth asked, I am working with a poor performing subsidiary of a good performing big company. My appraiser is from holding company & is not much aware of my job & performance. Also I have recently joined here. So how should I proceed with self apprisal?
Amit Bansal answers, You must reach your HR to get a clarity on your KRAs so that you can fill your self appraisal appropriately.

akm asked, what if the appraisal sheets are not shown to employee? what if the boss fills his own appraisal form and gets special increment and promotion? what will you say in this condition?
Amit Bansal answers, Your boss’s appraisal is dependent on your performance as well.

pravin asked, hi, is it okay to have PF deductions from your CTC?
Amit Bansal answers, PF is a part of your CTC.

mandeep asked, Hi, i have been working with a UK based firm as contractor for last 3 years, before that i was working on site with them on payroll. In last 5 years i have got no salary increase whatsoever and they are not ready to offer any rise in near future. how should i tackle this?
Amit Bansal answers, If you feel that there is no hope for appraisal, I guess then you must let them know that you would like to move on.

shan asked, Hi I am unhappy with the latest increment?How to show it to the management,polietly but firmly?
Amit Bansal answers, You need data points to substantiate what you feel about your appraisal. I suggest you can take specific points about why you should have been given a better appraisal and call for another meeting with your manager. Most organizations have a provision where you can reach your HR to contest against the appraisal. Check about it with your HR.

Prasanna asked, Sir, I have a question, how to politely convince a manager on an employee’s achievements on a performance appraisal without arguing or disagreeing
Amit Bansal answers, You must always walk in for an appraisal meetings with specific data points. This may include emails, excel sheets etc. This way you will not need to work too hard to convince your manager about your performance.

indra asked, What are the basic area a appraiser should follow in qualitative performance..
Amit Bansal answers, It’s based on your KRA. Reach your manager and HR to understand your Key responsibility areas.

kk asked, Hi Amit, what is a market correction in salary and what all parameters are considered?
Amit Bansal answers, With the market correction way, an organization can streamline and benchmark it’s pay slabs at various bands or levels as per the market in the same industry. This is usually done by any organization along with companies which professionally do compensation surveys and benchmarking. Such corrections or benchmarking can be done with base pay, benefits, incentive structures etc.

nishant asked, hi an experience for 2 years . and since 4 month ago i joined a company so hows i can discussed with appraisal with my boss after completion of probation
Amit Bansal answers, If your company follows a quarterly appraisal cycle you will fall in the appraisal bracket once you finish 6months. So likewise you can calculate 6 months and 1 year after your probation to know in which appraisal cycle you will fall.

Ravindra asked, Dear amit, according to you how many appraisals should happen in a year ?
Amit Bansal answers, There are quarterly appraisals, six monthly appraisals and an annual appraisal. It all depends on the company policy.

Jitin asked, Hi Amit i want to know whats the ideal time to work for an employee in an organization if he is not seeing any growth????
Amit Bansal answers, Maybe three to five years. I always suggest one should continue in an organization till one is finding opportunities to improve their skills and knowledge. Once that becomes stagnated there’s barely anything that can motivate someone to work in an organization.

Prabhat asked, For last 3 years I’m almost idle at office with no responsibility, Result less than average increment for last 2 years.This year also same situation. I’ve repeatedly asked my employees to give me proper job responsibility, they assure me, buy nos result. What should i do? Pl Help
Amit Bansal answers, Prabhat a lot of times at a workplace you may need to create work so that it can be highlighted on your resume and also within the organization you can receive recognition. Find ways to add value and use your own expertise. Look at what is happening in the industry and if there’s anything that can be deployed at your workplace as well. Take initiatives and don’t wait for others to give you work.

Gaurav asked, Hello Amit, How to get noticed when you are the part of back end support team? I mean all the attention captured by sales team so how do people like us get recognize.
Amit Bansal answers, Each team has it’s own impact on the overall business of any organization. First thing is to understand that your function is important too. Highlight your initiatives and ideas which have impacted and improved the business for the organization. Sales cannot work alone without back end support.

mohan asked, Hi , I have been recieving last 3 appraisal as less than < 5 % for last 3 years. let me know what i should do for this year appraisal
Amit Bansal answers, Mohan…like I mentioned earlier the appraisal percentage in any organization is dependent on many different parameters. Please check first why you have been receiving this hike percentage. Only based on that you can find out whether it’s due to your own performance or the organization’s performance.

Navin asked, Amit, What is a good percentage to ask for rise in one’s appraisal? 20% or 15%?
Amit Bansal answers, There are various factors which help in deciding a salary hike. So it can be unique depending upon the company. 20% hike is a very good hike by any company standards. Market growth, industry standard, your function, your company’s performance are some of the parameters on which performance appraisal is dependent. So anything between 5% to 30% can be an annual hike and you must consider the other factors before you ask for a certain percentage of increment.

Sandhya asked, Hi Amit, Do you think annual performance appraisals are necessary?
Amit Bansal answers, Performance appraisal is essential. There is no other way to appraise employees about their performance in the form of a feedback and also compensation and an organization see where they are going in terms of achieving organizational goals.



Chat Date: May 9,2012


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