Today the technology has undergone many eventful and unrealistic changes over the past few decades. If we talk briefly about computers then the very indicated or visible feature of development have been the increase in portability factor .the journey from magnetic drums to microchips has allowed the mankind to produce gadgets which can share large amount of data in small space.

But with the  increase in the portability factor the speed of data transfer and user interface have increased the parameters for competition along with the innovation of technology, the top class companies in the world are understanding this fact that the connection between the virtual and realistic life and has brought many revolutionary changes one can ever think about. This has given birth to sensor technology which has been applicable to quite an extent. This technology is based on the expressions of our physical world as a virtual content by the use of sensors.

In this project we have tried to lay stress on the possibilities of technology which could be generated or programmed to make our day to day life more smooth, fast and reliable. “Eyes” are the windows to the world; therefore we need to develop devices which can connect the sensors to our most appealing sense organ


We are actually talking about the glasses which are directly connected to our brain with the help of nano technology and sensors. The basic framework of the functionality of the system is directly based on our mental thinking and instructions.

It gives the result of our mental computations and space for “virtual display” through 3-d projection. In a more lucid manner it makes a virtual world before us in order to work on our thought flow process in terms of reality. It allows direct access to internet through the facility of user module without the restriction of problem of signal receiving through a satellite antenna.


The simple applications of these glasses involve the processing and banking features through physical elements. For example, imagine booking a movie ticket just by looking at a movie poster. Other major applications which have been inculcated in the glasses are as follows:


We can directly converse with our family, friends and professional people with a live experience. Live streaming of videos would take 3-d experience to a different level. Imagine watching a video which would appear to happen in real in front of you without compensating the actual physical environment around you.


This feature would end the gap between virtual and real world. Imagine about entering a game which would allow you to play through physical evolvement in the virtual world.


GPS installed would allow us to locate ourselves at any place in the world, also giving us the possible routes and distances in any point of the world.


This kind of concept would allow us to see the conclusive or final picture of the scientific experiments beforehand, thereby allowing us to exercise control over the no of failures in the experiment.


“Welcome to the future”. The 3-d experience which would take the human civilization to a different level. Though this idea has a certain level of limitations but if actualized this concept could solve most of the mysteries of the world in terms of history, science and human psychology. A new virtual world which would create an endless s[pace for every individual, which would and any barriers of communication one could thing about and it could be safely concluded that we would be able to see our future in shades of this magical 3-D classes.


The report was developed by PurpleLeap Students; Mukul Singh, Kaushal Pratap Singh and Ramendra Vikram studying at Magalayathan University (1st year B.Tech) with the support of PurpleLeap Trainer Hemika Kumar.


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