How to manage time in office

Managing your time efficiently in office can be one of the most elusive goals when you feel that there just aren’t enough hours in the day to do everything that you have to do. We often find people struggling with the balance between their work and their personal lives. Most small business owners (and many people who are not owners!) do not have enough time or energy in a day to accomplish everything they have on their “to do” list and their “dream” list and eventually end up getting stressed.

Ignoring stress and pushing harder in your work to achieve more productivity will lead to burn out. You need to look at ways to increase productivity and lower stress at office, find time to relax, take care of yourself and sharpen your skills. Before you start your day, take time to plan. You should be able to do this in about 15 minutes. Think through your day and decide the tasks you want to deal with. Then as you work through your day, finish each task, delegate it, or set it aside.

Below are the Q & A answered by Amit Bansal, CEO-PurpleLeap


rohit asked, how to make a to do list lot of work but unable to delegate and manage? pls help… i do have people under me but not i am very sceptical whteher they do the job in the right way or not as i want everything to be perfect to the core
Amit Bansal answers, Perfection as per your standards may not be possible. However, I suggest if a particular task requires extra attention please give clear guidelines to the person doing that task and monitor it more often.

Santoshdaa asked, Sir, Usually my boss ask me to come office on Saturday and Sunday to work. I am in Central Govt. Organization, I respect him and I cant say no to him, neither tell lie, but family life hampering, Suggest me how to get rid with this situation
Amit Bansal answers, You must tell no if this has become a pattern and hampering your family life. It will take you an effort once to say no, but it will fix a lot of things for you.

subash asked, i am planning to start work out in the morning, atleast walking for half an hour, but my son let me sleep after 12 only. after that it is difficult to wake up before 6.30 and go for a walk. i need to leave office by 8 am
Amit Bansal answers, Why don’t you create sometime in the evening to workout? Leave office on time and head straight to a gym.

rman asked, Hi Amit, emails are major distractors of our daily todo lists, at the same they are important, how to manage ?
Amit Bansal answers, Emails are very important part of your work. If you are too distracted close your email client after checking emails and open it once every two hours. I am sure gradually you will be less addicted to it.

Gonsalves asked, Sir, I spend a lot of time on the internet (personal). I am kind of addicted due to which my work suffers. I do not invest my time in learning new task, new skill, etc. How to break the habit ? I haven’t got any promotions in the last 5 years. My colleagues got it after 3 years.
Amit Bansal answers, Please send an email to your IT department to block facebook, gmail, gtalk and other distractions for you immediately.

yogik32 asked, Hi Sir, How to manage time for any new assigned task?…
Amit Bansal answers, Before you assign time related milestones to complete a particular project or task consider the actual hours needed to complete that task and make some time for contingencies. Now ensure whatever timeline you arrive at should be at least 3 to 4 days before the actual deadline assigned to you by your client or department. Only then you will be able to complete all tasks will within timeline and not stressing yourself for it.

SA asked, How we can identify what is critical and what is not so we can put the task on Priorty level and can plan time on the basis of Priorty
Amit Bansal answers, There’s an effective priority matrix suggested by Steven Covey in his book 7 habits. You can use this urgent important matrix to prioritize work. Look up for it. It may help you.

Mohan asked, Hi, In a group meeting how to get excused when you feel that your presence is not essential
Amit Bansal answers, You can give a reason and leave. However if it’s a meeting within internal group which you a part of, then it’s important you attend. There maybe some group announcements which may be relevant for you.

subash asked, hi, i feel to work more after 5.30 pm when the office is calm. is it in my mindset or how can i change it?
Amit Bansal answers, Change your workstation and move to a more calmer place. Find a quiet room if possible.

Teja asked, We are supposed to start our work at 9 AM every day but the clients are located in US due to which we are stretching beyond office hours. Is there a way I can manage the overtime?
Amit Bansal answers, Give a realistic picture to your HR. In most organizations the working hours are 9. So as per your meetings and interactions with US based clients you can inform the HR about flexible work hours. But that should be done in consensus with your department. asked, How to manage when you have meetings for may be more than 4-5 hours a day.
Amit Bansal answers, It’s a good idea to assess productivity during meetings using past data. If you feel attending all meetings is non productive then you can choose to attend only the ones that are critical.

atrediff asked, How to manage time when new high priorities are coming in, even if u have a To DO list?
Amit Bansal answers, It’s always important that when you have created a to do list do not make it for the entire time spend at work. Leave 2 to 3 hours aside for last minute things. If some day no such last minute things happen then you can take it easy on that particular day.

officeman asked, Which are the key points in office time management
Amit Bansal answers, You must look at your overall time spent in office and the tasks at hand. Along with it you must also look at initiatives and extra tasks you can do along the way. All this can be assessed based on your current productivity.

rohan asked, How to split eight hours a day in office effectively and efficiently?
Amit Bansal answers, I suggest to keep a to do list. It’s an effective way to manage time and productivity.

officeman asked, Out of total 9 hours of duty, ideally how many breaks are a must?
Amit Bansal answers, The breaks should be for one hour. So 8+1 total work hours.



Chat Date: May 23, 2012


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