Indian job space looks bullish: Survey

Job prospects for professionals and managers seem bright in the country as around 55 per cent of firms have recruited staff in the June quarter and a similar percentage of people are looking to do so in future as well, says a survey.

According to the findings of the 12th Antal Global Snapshot, hiring levels across the globe witnessed a slowdown in the June quarter, while the Indian job space looks bullish.

This survey indicates that the Indian job market has remained stable this quarter with both hiring and firing rates staying more or less the same during the last three months.

The survey states that 55 per cent of Indian companies have recruited staff at the moment, while 56 per cent are looking to do so in the near future.

Moreover, the percentage of Indian businesses shedding managers has fallen 1 per cent to 23 per cent, indicating a stable job market for now, the global recruitment firm said.

Meanwhile, hiring levels across the globe are down with 51 per cent of respondents recruiting at professional and managerial level in comparison to 55 per cent in the last survey in April.

Going forward, globally 49 per cent companies intend to hire in the coming quarter.

In terms of attrition, globally, the overall rate of attrition has dropped from 20 per cent in April to 18 per cent now and this is expected to fall again to just 16 per cent over the next three months.

“…this survey indicates that many organizations have now come to accept uncertainty as an unwelcome, but inherent part of business life and are consequently pushing ahead with investment and development in this ‘new normal’,” Antal International CEO Tony Goodwin said in a statement.

In Europe, countries like Spain and Greece which have been victims of the downturn are now showing some rise in the hiring activity at the professional and managerial level.

Globally, the highest levels of recruitment were seen in Iceland with 94 per cent hiring a professional and managerial level. Whereas only 24 per cent of companies in Hungary are in the process of hiring.

The survey indicates that sectors like luxury goods, BPO, security services, fashion and agriculture are ranking highest currently in recruiting at the professional and managerial level. The sector with the least activity is animal health industry where only 30 per cent of companies are hiring.

In India, fashion sector saw 100 per cent recruitment at the managerial and professional level this quarter followed by electronics, accountancy, mining and FMCG.

Goodwin further said “the results of the latest Snapshot research does not suggest any significant improvement or worsening of the global economic picture”.

Source: The Economic Times


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