Most engg. graduates not readily employable

Only students who have done well academically, with over 60 per cent marks, were included in the survey

Even as students continue to make a beeline for engineering courses with an eye on the job prospects, a study finds that most engineering graduates are not readily employable. A PurpleLeap (an entry-level talent management company) Industry Readiness Index survey reveals that only one out of 10 students graduating from Tier 2, 3 and 4 engineering colleges is readily employable, implying that very few graduates with engineering degrees actually gain skills for employment.

These findings become even more alarming, given that only students who have done well academically, with over 60 per cent marks, were included in the survey. Clearly, even those that are academically successful are underprepared for employment.

Assessing 34,000 final year engineering students with over 60 per cent marks across 198 colleges through the IRIX survey, PurpleLeap found that only 12 per cent of students are employment ready. The survey also revealed that 52 per cent are trainable for employment, and that 36 per cent are non-trainable.

While there is some room for optimism knowing that over half can become employable with additional training, usually ranging from three to four months, the biggest source of concern is that such a large per cent cannot be trained.

Biggest problem

Contrary to popular belief that communication is the biggest barrier to employability, PurpleLeap found that analytical ability (a sub-set of generic ability, which measures logical and analytical reasoning) is the biggest gap area. This lack of adequate problem-solving skills is one of the biggest gaps leading students to settle for ‘non-technical’ roles after an engineering education.

In terms of technical ability too, which tests the ability to apply knowledge, the study showed that over 58 per cent of the IT industry’s engineering graduates do not meet the employability criteria.

In effect, the total number of readily employable engineering graduates produced from all Tier 2, 3 and 4 colleges was equal to the handful of Tier 1 colleges.

Source: The Hindu


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