Specialist skills like global exposure and leadership in high demand in subdued job market

Certain specialist skills are in high demand even in a subdued job market. According to a study by the specialist recruitment  firm MIchael Page International, in India the demand for these skills is likely to continue in the medium to long term. Says Michael Page (India) managing director Tulika Tripathi, “top skills in demand are strong global exposure; good transitioning, change management experience, and strength in risk, controls and compliance across sectors.”

A peep into the skills in high demand at middle and senior levels, and the reasons: 

Indian MNCs are looking for international talent to fuel global expansion plans. Manufacturing, pharmaceutical and logistics sectors continue to drive jobs growth for finance and accounting professionals. Telecom and infrastructure sectors have seen high rates of attrition, resulting in recruitment primarily due to replacement needs. A significant number of manufacturing companies are diversifying into new lines of businesses and are looking for top talent.
Strategy and corporate finance exposure across sectors Investor relations & core accounting experience at senior levels Plant controllers at remote locations , with companies paying a high premium for quality talent to relocate
Healthcare and life sciences sectors are hiring. Major consumer goods companies reported a stable yearon-year growth rate. However, some brands experienced aboveaverage growth due to low base, and more recent entry into the Indian market.
Leadership for business units in pharma sector Marketing domain knowledge in healthcare and life sciences Regulatory affairs and compliance , research & development
There is increased demand for human resource professionals to act as business partners. In the banking sector, there is higher focus on staff retention strategies such as succession planning. Outside BFSI, investment into HR has seen an increasing demand for business partners who understand internal client needs and who can take proactive initiatives to drive the business forward as a first-line interface.
Experience in staff retention covering areas such as training, learning and development, employee engagement and succession planning Compensation and benefits, talent acquisition , sales & frontline training
There is a shortage of high quality mid-level professionals within frontoffice area, as foreign banks continue to target this talent pool. However, within back-office areas, there has not been a shortage in associate-level professionals across different backgrounds and roles. Smaller firms are considered particularly attractive for senior analysts and junior associates as they gain exposure to multiple business areas.
Business development and origination experience at senior level Experience in trade sales and trade finance Many banks are also looking to increase their ratio of female-to-male employees . Senior diversity operations professionals in India that specialise in non-vanilla derivatives and swaps with international experience are highly sought

Source :  The Economic Times

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