The new-age gold rush

Despite a global economic slowdown and increase in employee related costs, India continues to draw IT and BPO companies due to a large pool of available talent pool armed with specialised skill sets. In the last four months, more than half a dozen IT, BPO and start-up companies have opened development centres in Karnataka.

Chinese telecom equipment maker Huawei plans to open a product development centre in Bangalore built over 1 million square feet that can seat 4,000 people. eBay has opened a global development centre in Bangalore and plans to hire 1,000 people by 2015. The company plans to recruit senior technologists with product development experience to create new technologies for its ecommerce business. Competitor Walmart also opened a centre to undertake Walmart’s e-commerce work in India. Others like HP have opened a 2,00,000 square feet development and support centre in Bangalore.

Similarly, Nasdaq-listed Pegasystems has opened a new development centre totalling 55,000 square feet in workspace. The Bangalore centre will support its global operations and will deliver R&D, engineering services, industry solutions framework and customer support to its global Fortune 500 clients, similar to other software majors.

In July, Xchanging, a London Stock Exchange (LSE) listed IT and BPO company opened a new centre in Shimoga Special Economic Zone and aims to hire 3,000 people by 2013

So, at a time when the Indian IT majors are facing an uncertain global economic climate and increasing anti-outsourcing sentiment, why are companies opening up development centres in India? According to companies and analysts India despite its higher costs, availability of talent makes it an attractive proposition.

Alan Trefler, Founder and CEO, Pegasystems is of the opinion that talent available for data analysis or database concepts in addition to taken for granted skill sets like Java or SQL programming is higher in India.

“No other location in the world offers the large pool of quality talent that can be found in cities like Bangalore that offer a bundle of distinct and mutually reinforcing benefits which companies can leverage for competitive advantage,” said Peter Schumacher, CEO, Value Leadership Group.

A further proof of this can be seen from the fact that in August, Ellucian, a company that provides technology for higher education opened a new development centre in the heart of Bangalore. All this points to manpower availability for skills those are more than plain vanilla outsourcing work that companies indulged in earlier. “Companies are focusing on areas like predictive analytics for the US financial sector, regulatory compliance related work etc. as compared to call centre kind of jobs,” said Sanjoy Sen, Senior Director, Deloitte.

A lot also has to do with the specific talent that is needed in a particular geography. Companies in the developed markets (including Japan) have been struggling with this. Sidhant Rastogi, Director, Zinnov said, “In most cases companies setting up their centres were unable to find the right talent in the right number in their native geography, or could not source talent locally in the near future.” Whether it’s in areas like SAP consulting, networking or cyber security, India has options with 5.5 lakh engineering students graduating every year.


Technology product startups based in the Silicon Valley and other places are following bigger companies to Bangalore. Snap MyLife Inc. headquartered in Princeton, New Jersey that provides cloud-based applications, opened its India development centre in February.

Companies from other countries are similarly setting up development centres in Bangalore. New Zealand-based Pingar, with offices in Hong Kong, India, the United Kingdom and the US entered India in February in partnership with CMC to develop and implement software products in India and abroad.

Bangalore is attractive for these companies due to the wide choice of talent pool available across different areas for technology companies. A couple of years back, top IT companies like Infosys and others started to move into Tier 2 cities like Trivandrum, but for product start-ups, Bangalore is a big draw.

“Despite high commercial real estate, we see the good quality of technical engineers for developing products like ours in Bangalore,” said Jiren Parikh, President and CEO of Snap MyLife. According to analysts and industry watchers, what has changed now is the increased maturity and the perception of building products that create higher value. Others share a similar point of view. “People migrate to different companies since they don’t get to build products and Bangalore has a wide talent pool to choose from. Also, opportunities in areas like cloud and mobility is making employees consider product companies,” said Vinodh Kumar, Global Director of Engineering, and Head of BloomReach India. The company is three years old and was started by ex-Google employees.

Snap MyLife currently employs 35 product engineers and according to company executives and will triple its employees in the next few months.

Pingar India is planning to increase its current staff in Bangalore of 13 to 35 over the next few months. “These positions will be focused largely on new business development and technical engineering support,” said Peter Wren-Hilton, CEO, Pingar. BloomReach did not give out its India hiring plans but said that has about 80 employees in the US and the company plans to hire aggressively in India. Karnataka has around 200 engineering colleges, according to state data.


To cut costs and contain attrition, MNC are increasingly moving into Tier 2 cities, says a recent Zinnov study. It went on to add that while 96 per cent of MNC R&D companies are located in cities like Bangalore, increasingly they are moving to Tier 2 cities like Ahmedabad, Jaipur, Chandigarh, Coimbatore, Vadodara, Nagpur, Pune and Trivandrum. Further, the study highlighted that there are around 2 lakh employees who work in R&D centres for multi-national companies.

This R&D talent pool is growing at the rate of 9 per cent every year and is expected to reach 250,000 by 2015. Chandramouli C S, Senior Director-Globalization Advisory, Zinnov, said, “MNCs started expanding to Tier-2 cities due to advantages like higher catchment area, lower attrition, cost arbitrage, etc.” Typically, Tier 2 cities were a preferred destination for IT and BPO companies who were grappling with commercial real estate and attrition costs. This trend is being seen now with multinationals like Dell, Nokia, Amazon and others who are looking at tier 2 cities that would be in addition to their existing centres in major cities.

Cost of living in Tier 2 cities in India is 10-25 per cent lower compared to Tier-1 cities and provide cost advantage of 15-40 per cent in commercial real estate costs. “Salary costs and other expenses go up in a tier 1 city over a period of time,” said Manohar Joshi, Director –Systems, IonIdea Inc. IonIdea set up a development centre in Hubli a few years ago.

Also, fresh talent pool in Tier 2 cities is estimated to form 35 per cent of the Indian R&D workforce going ahead. A majority of the work being undertaken involves testing, customer support and bug fixing. These typically tend to be lower level work in terms of profile but which is critical to a company’s operations, analysts say.

While India continues to be a draw, competition from countries like China in terms of engineering skills is catching up. Add to that, 25 per cent of graduates are unemployable and as a result organisations spend about a billion dollars every year in training them. The sooner Indian educational institutions address these issues, the better it would be for the sector. Else, Indian companies will be forced to look to their neighbour across the wall for software talent too.

Source: Business Line


Major goof ups you need to avoid in an interview

Interviews are a part and parcel of the life of each and every professional. They provide an opportunity to move ahead in life and look for brighter horizons. For a fresher, interviews provide the first brush with the corporate life and therefore are even more important. Every aspirant tries to perform his best for an interview; however, there are certain common mistakes which everyone should learn to avoid in order not to leave a negative impression on the interviewer’s minds. Most of these mistakes are subconscious in nature and the best way to avoid them is to be aware of them.

Spelling mistakes and errors in the resume are the simplest way to put off an interviewer. By doing that you cut a sorry figure in front of the interviewer as they think that a person who is not serious about her/his career will not be serious about the job.

Experts say that seventy percent of our communication is through our body language. A candidate needs to remember that avoiding eye contact, improper sitting positions, not showing interest to the questions will not go well with interviewers. They will feel that the candidate is not interested in the job and will get switched off.

Basic etiquettes like switching your cell phone off and wearing proper clothes are expected of all candidates. You should not go for an interview dressed casually as it speaks a lot about your attitude and an interviewer will brand you unprofessional without even speaking to you. Similarly, a cell phone ringing in the middle of an interview also smacks of unprofessional behavior.

Below are the Q&A Session answered by Amit Bansal, CEO PurpleLeap

ritz9 asked, thanks mr bhansal sorry got logged out and cudnt enter chat with same name ritz. i tried to contact my previous employer unfortunately the people who used to work that time in management they r not in the company anymore and they have moved to diff jobs so i am not able to get any kinda docs from them thats y i am in a fix that will the companies accept the explanation abt that experience

Amit Bansal answers, In that case, contact the HR of this new organization and explain to them the complete scenario. Usually HR have different policies regarding such issues. Also, in the meanwhile look for ways you can procure some proof from your previous employer to substantiate your employment and salary package.

Kavit asked, How much research should one do about the organization?
Amit Bansal answers, You should have a fair idea about the organization’s overall business. That should do it.

hellokumar asked, If I am changing job after 7 yeears and interviewer asks why I didnot change earlier, what should be the correct answer?
Amit Bansal answers, You can state that there was enough for your explore and learn during these 7 years and you did not feel the need to change. Now that you have spent so long in an organization you would like to explore newer opportunities and avenues to expand your professional experience.

ritz asked, after my graduation i worked in a training institute for more than 2 yrs and it was not a regular pay job but it was related to my field of selection so for work experience i worked there. they used to pay me by cash sometimes and then i got a professional jobin the same field. now after 4 yrs i wanna switch job. i want to use that training job experience as well but i dont have any proof such as payslip or experience letter. my friends r saying not to put the experience but if i dont then there is a break of 3 yrs after my graduation. cud u pl advice me wat to do
Amit Bansal answers, You can reach your old employer and give you a letter stating that you worked for them. They can also mention your salary in that letter. Most organizations will accept that kind of documentation. Also, I suggest explain to your new HR about the circumstances of this old job.

anoop asked, If interviewer asks “why u want to leave your present organisation”?? I am changing job for better prospects and to grow professionally as current job there is no growth to next postition
Amit Bansal answers, I suggest refrain from talking about the limitations of the current job and focus more on the opportunities in the job you have applied for.

japru asked, bansal sir, if i am leaving my current organisation with 1 year of service only though i have got exp of more then 12 yrs and if interviwer ask why i am leaving this organisation so early then what wouold be my answer
Amit Bansal answers, One year is a very short time to leave an organization. You will need to give a very convincing answer to your interviewer.

anil1 asked, I had a two year gap after class 12 which is making it difficult for me to get into an IT company. What can I do to get into one.
Amit Bansal answers, You may opt to work for smaller organizations first and then try for big IT companies. However, I am sure there are IT companies who would like you to justify the break for two years after 12th and would be willing to hire you if the reasons are genuine.

SK asked, What is the best answer for th equestion Like”why u want to leave your present organisation”??
Amit Bansal answers, This question is really to check your professional association with organizations and people you work with. I suggest not to give any information which reflects negative about your previous employers or colleagues. Instead maybe you can mention for personal and professional growth you would like to move and also because your experience matches the organization’s requirement.

Vicky asked, Amit, What kind of clothes should you wear for an interview?
Amit Bansal answers, Business formals or smart formals will be a good attire for an interview.

Wagle asked, What kind of answer do interviewers expect for the question ‘Why should we select you for this job?’ I’ve already mentioned my qualification and everything in my resume. So what else do they want to know.. Also I would not know who the other people they have interviewed are and what percentage they have..
Amit Bansal answers, This question is a very good opportunity for you to highlight your skills, knowledge and attitude that will fit the job description and the organization’s goals. Match yourself to the job requirement.

Vimla asked, Amit, how long an answer should we be prepared for the question ‘Tell me something about yourself’
Amit Bansal answers, It should be a very confident answer and should not be for more than 2 to 3 minutes. Try scripting your response. That helps to ensure you do not miss out the important details.

Bala asked, Iam going for a final round of interview with the ceo. What kind of body language will i need to display ? How i need to sit where should i keep my hands ?
Amit Bansal answers, I would suggest, dress professionally. You need not wear a tie however ensure you are wearing business formals. Body language should not distract the interviewer. Sit straight with your back firmly rested on the back rest of the chair. You can keep your hands on the armrest of the chair or if you are sitting close to the table it can be on the table as well. Whatever body language you use, ensure you are comfortable. Wear a smile. That’s the most important thing about a good body language. It will also make you feel comfortable and less nervous.

gafoorup asked, Mr. Bansal – Do we really need to be 100% truthful in an interview? Or shall we keep some room for manipulation?
Amit Bansal answers, I would not suggest manipulating information during an interview. However I advice keep all information you give about yourself on the professional front. You can choose not to reveal certain things however not manipulate.

Chat Date: September 26, 2012


Nokia Siemens sees India workforce growing despite global job cuts

Telecom equipment maker Nokia Siemens Networks,  which plans to reduce workforce by 17,000 globally, said its net headcount in India will rise.

The job cuts at NSN is part of organizational restructuring that the company announced last year. NSN, a joint venture between Finland’s Nokia and Germany’s Siemens, also expects to see its global delivery capabilities rise by at least three times by the end of 2013, its India head Sandeep Girotra said on Tuesday.

Source: Economic Times

Effective time management at the workplace

It may sound like a cliched statement but there just doesn’t seem to be enough time in the day. If you were to ask working professionals they will tell you that they feel like they are constantly chasing the clock. However, if you find yourself always running out of time, then you should consider having a schedule to manage your time, which is going to help you prioritise your time and show you how to accomplish more in less time and with less stress.

Time management begins with the realisation that without some thought and planning, we are likely to waste a great deal of time in the future and have already wasted a huge amount of our life span in the past. By using proven methods we can make the most of whatever time we have.


Below Q & A session was answered by Amit Bansal, CEO PurpleLeap


sanjeet asked, How do i manage my time to get result more effective n fruitful,, i waste my time aloat in doing nothing n keep sitting idle , i want to make my day productive
Amit Bansal answers, Well I am sure you know the answer to your question. Self discipline is the only way.

sanky asked, Hi, In office most of the time I spent in solving others issue or addressing their problem being a senior member that is one of my job but due to this not able to concentrate on my work and hence need to slog. Please advice
Amit Bansal answers, You need to create an assertive environment around you where you can say no. Please understand that you cannot solve others’ problems and still be able to do your own tasks. You can only do one thing at a time. Either finish your tasks and if time permits help others. But you cannot always keep helping others and also create time for your own work.

ajay asked, what is diff between following a time table and the time management?
Amit Bansal answers, A task list or to do list is more appropriate than a time table. You may need more time to complete some tasks and in that case a time table may not work.

Oarchilos asked, We had a time management session for my employees, Did motivate them for a small spell of time, but it faded away in due course
Amit Bansal answers, Creating regular activities to maintain time management helps. Rewards and recognition based on their area of work is important. The rewards need not be big however small appreciations help.

priyanka asked, How to manage time when there is no work in office 🙂
Amit Bansal answers, That’s a great opportunity to spend time on self development activities.

Sanjay asked, I think and follow time etc for 2-3 days but after some time again i get into old habbit finding myself behind time. how we can overcome this?
Amit Bansal answers, Reward yourself each time you complete your tasks on time. That is a great motivator.

naren asked, I have been loaded with so many projects, how do i get time for my personal improvements?
Amit Bansal answers, Like I mentioned a to do list always help. Its important you do not compromise on either your professional or personal projects. To manage time it sometimes becomes important that we go ahead and say no to a few things. So it’s alright to set priorities to tasks and if some tasks can be removed or moved to the next day, so be it.

Jayshree asked, how to motivate groups for efficient time-management?
Amit Bansal answers, You must organize some teasers or reward games in teams to motivate people about time management.

Nitesh asked, How can we effectively managed time in office as most of time went in team and client query and phone calls and our personal weekly target get impacted and to cover up we have to work on the weekend. Plz advice
Amit Bansal answers, Ideally a to do list should be created as soon as we get in the office. This helps in managing the day effectively.


Chat date: September 12, 2012

Kolkata sees 8% jump in hirings in Aug, other cities report decline

Quite contrary to popular perception, Kolkata turned out to be the only city in the country, which witnessed positive hiring at least over the last one month. The Naukri Job Speak Index suggests while Kolkata has seen a 8 per cent increase in hiring levels, Delhi –NCR has seen a 4 per cent dip, Mumbai and Pune have seen 2 per cent drop each and Chennai has witnessed a 3 per cent dip in August and hiring scenario in Bangalore remained stable. And Naukri attributed this hiring growth in Kolkata to higher recruitments by IT sector operating out of the city.

“All top cities have seen lower hiring numbers over the last one month, barring Kolkata which has seen a 8 per cent increase in hiring levels. Delhi –NCR has seen a 4 per cent dip in the job speak index in Aug-12 when compared to Jul-12 while Mumbai, Pune and Chennai has seen their recruitment activities go down by 2 per cent and 3 per cent respectively during the same time period. Bangalore maintained steady hiring levels during the same time period,” the Naukri study said, much to the pleasure of the West Bengal government.

“This is probably because IT- Software which is the largest job creator in Kolkata has seen stable hiring levels and 18 per cent higher jobs than the same time last year,” it said. The Naukri Job Speak index includes both online jobs as wells as jobs acquired from existing clients by its tele-calling team. The Naukri Job Speak index, as a whole, has seen a 4 per cent dip in August, 12, compared to July, ’12, after remaining flat for five consecutive months.

“The overall recruitment market in the economy is very challenging and most recruiters are staffing smartly and are opting for replacement hiring instead of recruiting new members. However hiring has severely been affected in sectors like telecom, insurance and BPO,” said Hitesh Oberoi, managing director and CEO, Info Edge India.

Oil and Gas, BPO, telecom and auto sector saw recruitment levels dip within a range of 6 per cent and 9 per cent respectively over the same time period. Both software services and insurance has seen about 2 per cent dips in hiring activity in August ‘12 over July ‘12. On the contrary, banking sector has seen 12 per cent growth in recruitment activities over the last month probably because of increased hiring in the public sector banks category.


Indian IT firms among 10 worst paymasters

Indian Information Technology companies are among the world’s 10 lowest-paying employers in the segment, with their mid-to-senior level staff getting an average salary of $38,767 (about Rs 21.5 lakh) per annum — less than one-fourth of the IT pay package at globally top-paying Swiss firms.

Salaries in the IT sector of Switzerland are the highest in the world, at an average of $168,211 (about Rs 93 lakh) per annum, says a study titled ‘World wide IT Salary 2012’.

The study, conducted by global recruitment service provider, has ranked India at eighth spot among 10 worst IT paymasters globally. Switzerland stands at the top spot among the top-paying nations in the sector. The study, conducted in August this year, took into account the average salaries for people with four and more years of experience.

The report compared the total annual cash compensation and total remuneration information for IT staff in about 6,000 companies across 40 different countries and found employers in western Europe are the best paymasters.

It also found compensation in developed countries focus more on variable factors, such as bonus schemes, to attract staff. At the same time, the emphasis remains on cash compensation in the lower-paying countries.

“Although pay in Asia and Eastern Europe tends to be much lower, it would be difficult for firms to outsource the IT manager role to these regions. Instead, we may see a migration of IT skills from lower paying nations to places in Western Europe and North America,” CEO Rajesh Kumar said.

Interestingly, IT managers in India fare better than their counterparts in neighbouring China, where the average annual compensation package were lower at $38,624. In addition, IT employees in India, scored better than their peers in Bulgaria, Vietnam, Indonesia, the Philippines, Thailand and Malaysia, where the average annual salaries were even lower at $23,745, $29,831, $33,768, $33,965, $34,107 and $36,790 respectively.

Among the best IT salaries paying countries Belgium bagged the second position with an average salary of $144,980, followed by Denmark ($136,542), the US ($128,632) and the UK ($127,890).

Source: Business Standard

How to communicate BETTER at workplace

At workplace we come across people with whom we have to work to get things done. Our ability to communicate with clients, customers, subordinates, peers, and superiors can enhance our effectiveness or sabotage our careers. In an office every individual puts an effort over a period of time in building influential relationships. Communicating effectively and efficiently can help build a good dynamic relationship with your peers, subordinates and superiors. Studies have shown that the top and middle level managers typically devote 60 to 80 per cent of their total working hours to communicating.

The principal barriers to effective communication are: noise, poor feedback, selection of inappropriate media, a wrong mental attitude, insufficient or lack of attention to work selection, delay in message transmittal, physical separation of the sender and receiver, and lack of empathy or a good relationship between the sender and receiver.

To get an early start towards your career, a student should start planning, preparing and hence getting ready for the career from the first year of graduation instead of waiting till the third or fourth year. The more time you have in hand, the better prepared you can be, so long as you invest your time properly.

Below Q&A session is answered by Amit Bansal, CEO – PurpleLeap

amitkumarsharma asked, how to communicate to the labours who are repeating the mistakes continuously after understanding my decisions
Amit Bansal answers, Maybe they need to improve their skills. Try and find out why this is happening.

rk asked, Thank you for answering my first question. what is the normal rate of words for listening, speaking, reading and writing in English?
Amit Bansal answers, it is 120 words per minute….you can even bring it doen to 100.

Sidhu asked, Can we be straight forward even while speaking to the highest level? / Diplomatic answers are the only soluton though one finds it little difficult then
Amit Bansal answers, being straight forward must never be at the cost of hurting people. You an definitely ease the blow with some kindness.

puja asked, Hi Amit, i have a decent written communication skill but there is no same flow in verbal. Pls suggest. Thanks.
Amit Bansal answers, this means you have verbal skills and you only need to work on your hesitation your speak> ou have alreay won half the race…practice and you will win the rest.

JP asked, How to recover from a scene where you have missed out on effective communication for few months on joining a new work place?
Amit Bansal answers, contact the HR and ask them to help you.

raju asked, how to improve listening skills? What is the right forum for that?
Amit Bansal answers, there are listening passages that you can listen to and then answer the questions or even do an activity

ams asked, I work in a team of 4,there was an argument one day with one of the members,after which he stopped talking me.Its been 2 months since this event.Something like this did happen before but at that time I just ignored my ego and talked to that guy.I know having an ego is bad but I can let him “win” everytime. Please advise.
Amit Bansal answers, see even after 2 months you are worried about it which means you need to go and speak to the person. Dont you think this stand off is hurting you?

jatin asked, What can be done if our subordinates doesn’t accept the manner of organizations working style?
Amit Bansal answers, Ask then very politely to move on

SK asked, How one can deal with jealous colleagues, who try to bilittle his colleague due to fear of them going down the graph in their team simply because he is honest and hardworking and liked by their teamleader?
Amit Bansal answers, Ignore them and continue with your work.

amit asked, how to be assertive
Amit Bansal answers, put accross your points in a simple manner. Dont use confusing words.

arvind asked, truth is always bitter how to tell lie to put impression on others
Amit Bansal answers, Dont lie. its best to make no comments

PATIL asked, According to you what is the neccessory and sufficient condition good communication skills
Amit Bansal answers, good communication happens when you are able to maintain a good relationship with people and you are listened to

Nancy89 asked, Hi How to talk our challenges with our seniors?
Amit Bansal answers, discuss your challenges frankly and honestly

gagan asked, what should we do when we realise that the conversation is leading to a dispute?
Amit Bansal answers, end the conversation saying that the issue can be discussed some other time.

Aditya asked, Managers say that we need to communicate effectively with our team members. What should I answer to him when one of my team member dont understand simple English?
Amit Bansal answers, you need to tell your manager about this constraint and work out a solution

Amritesh asked, What is the best way to deal with inter office behaviour amongs the officer of same cadre
Amit Bansal answers, respect, politeness with one and all

rk asked, Hi, How can we make the listner to be attentive, when we speak?, Please list out salient features for this.
Amit Bansal answers, make sure that you ask questions..the listener will have to listen

Asif asked, i find it some times very difficult 2 control on my emotions specially when subordinate doesn’t communicate & do not act as a creative & solution provider?? Any guidance!!1
Amit Bansal answers, You cannot afford to lose your temper, especially with subordinates

amit asked, how to be assertive
Amit Bansal answers, You will be assertive by firmly communicating in simple and clear way. Dont confuse assertion with aggresion

Bunnu asked, Sir , I hate my collagues , because they are not highly educated like me , they also have very loew general knowldge , I hate my boss also as he is very cheap , narrow minded person, he do not the basics of business in which our company involved , as he recently joined , I really hate everyone in office except office boy , I want to leave this job , what shd i do ?
Amit Bansal answers, I think you are being judgemental. If you hate everything about the office, look for a change

sinha asked, i m really poor in communication. i fear to approach ppl; something holds me back. i always expect other person to approach me. then I ll speak to him or her. I am a little bit older too; at workplace most are junior to me. it creates gap between relationship. how to solve it. give me some easy techniques.
Amit Bansal answers, Unfortunately there are no easy techniques. You need to work on your communication skills. Maybe join an institute where they develop communication skills

Damodar asked, I am afraid of speaking properly in conference calls. Although i am good at speaking to someone personally. I always feel scared have mental block over the phone with US clients how to overcome this?
Amit Bansal answers, the people in US are not special people..they are flesh and blood like you. Dont feel inferior to them..just go ahead and speak

akg asked, tips to make boss happy
Amit Bansal answers, work hard, be sincere and honest

Anil asked, Hi Amit, I used to ask/tell my quries or updates with client. When long conversion taken place on client call, I may get convince to some topics on lengthy conversion. How can I imporve on that?
Amit Bansal answers, let your sentences be short and simple

raj asked, we are group of 5 ppl working in an organisation.all are friendly and cooperative. but at the same time I feel the ladies try to procrastinate things when it is their work but be after me saying boss is asking etc etc…how to handle
Amit Bansal answers, Now I would avoid a sexist conclusion like that. But you need to concentrate on your work. If others procrastinate its their problem

vamu2005 asked, Can I ask hike in salary orally or in written.
Amit Bansal answers, its always better to ask for a hike orally. but make sure that you have the reasons for asking for a hile ready

Nags asked, Hi Amitji, I work in a MNC where i need to interact with my colleague in France, Middle east. Their culture is different and expectations are also different. How to handle them and move forward with good relationship?
Amit Bansal answers, Your comapny should have sensitized you to the cultural differences. However, you could read up about their cultures. Both France and Middle East have very different cultures

arumugasamy asked, I am senior most in our office but i am very much hesitate to speak in meeting with my seniors and speak in large gathering and seminars. How to improve it.
Amit Bansal answers, You are hesitant due to some internal weakness, recognize it , address it and I am sure you will be able to communicate well

sandeep521 asked, can u suggest some activities which i must follow to get improve my comm and what programmes n books i read
Amit Bansal answers, There are activities that develop your Listening, speaking , reading and writing skills. You can follow those and also work on your body language

via asked, how to speak eloquent?
Amit Bansal answers, Practice

bk asked, hi , how to put your point when no body listen to you in a meeting which my boss always does
Amit Bansal answers, make sure that you stand up, raise your pitch a little and wait for complete silence….it works

dipak asked, how to interact with a boss or senior who is arrogant…
Amit Bansal answers, You need to stick to your work snd tell the boss that you will not accept arrogant behaviour

Amit Bansal answers, Business communication can be called work place communication. Agsin it is a part of communication

v asked, How to speak without lot of uhms and uhhs and stammering
Amit Bansal answers, stammering could be s speech deformity or it could be due to lack of confidence. It can be addressed. But dont let it bring down your self confidence.

PATIL asked, How can you differentiate communication and convincing power.?
Amit Bansal answers, Communication can be used for convincing. Convincing is just a small part of your communication skills

Aditya asked, What is you take on self communcation? How shold one implemented it at workplace?
Amit Bansal answers, whati understand of it is introspection and that is a quality that you would need. its like sorting yourself out. A sorted out person is a pleasure to work with as a confused person will reflect the same paradoxes in work

Amit Bansal answers, This is a little disturbing…maybe you need to send him a mail

as asked, What should one do if keeping your views to yourself/airing them in very planned way effects your results/working?
Amit Bansal answers, You dont have to keep your views to yourself especially if it disturbs you but there are mediums through which you can air them

shekhar_1 asked, how to answer a boss who is double talking?
Amit Bansal answers, Ignore the Boss. You need to listen to your conscience

PATIL asked, I want to ask for my promotion as cmd has promised for the same how should I talk regarding this? please explain me..
Amit Bansal answers, If you feel you deserve a promotion, request for a meeting with the person concerned and be ready with the reasons as to why you deserve the promotions

vaibhav asked, hello Sir… being at HR. how to say ‘No” without hurtin the relationship with fellow employee.
Amit Bansal answers, firmly say NO. maybe you could explain the reasons for it.The employee will be hurt at that point of time but it is important to be firm when needed

jin asked, Top books recommended for grmmar
Amit Bansal answers, Wren and Martin, Fowlers, Roget’s thesaurus

sankarcsn asked, Hi Amit, How do i improve my speaking skills, my problem is though i read a lot of infomation on versatile topics i am unable to aggregate thoughts when it matters the most. Cos of this, i am unable to initiate any conversations or even if i do they dont last long enough…
Amit Bansal answers, you just need to practice. You could also try listening to conversations on general topics. You can get them on the BBC website

sandeep521 asked, how to get fluent in english in less time
Amit Bansal answers, You can be fluent in English, But time taken will depend on how much time you are willing to give this activity

Madhu asked, how we have to comnunicate with US clients. to better understanding
Amit Bansal answers, whenever you speak to US careful about your rate of speech. Speak slowly and make sure that you always recap or summarize what you have understood in the conversation

Amit Bansal answers, Read books, magazines journals, listen to english programs and speak whenever you can in English

pawan asked, i am scared of public speaking how to overcome that
Amit Bansal answers, practice speaking in front of a mirror. Be prepared for what ever you need to speak and practiuce it well

sanjay asked, Hi How to communicate where lot of diplomacy is there in the office environment?
Amit Bansal answers, You need to communicate with diplomacy always.

MathadiKamgar asked, How do on top of all the politics which are being played in office by seniors and as we ll as colleagues?
Amit Bansal answers, Ignore them. You have joined an organization to work. Stick to that.

as asked, How open you should be in communicating your feelings about the problem in the organisation
Amit Bansal answers, Be extremely careul about airing your views.There are specific channels that you need to use to air your feelings. Use only those not the grape vine.

SAME asked, WHAT IS IMAGE CONSULTANT. My boss said to seek advise from Image consultation.
Amit Bansal answers, an image consultant will work on your verbal skills and body language

sen asked, I am committing lot of grammatical errors in written and verbal communication. What is the best way to address this.
Amit Bansal answers, English is not our mother tongue and it has a different grammatical structure. So, you need to read more of Endlish and practice speaking and writing to understand the gammatical structure fluently

sundeep asked, My manager thinks I’m full of faff… He is almost an ancient piece and he expects me to handle things like he does.. quickly.. I’m just learning the ropes in the job. How can I make him understand that it will take time for me to fly and that I’m just learning to walk right now?
Amit Bansal answers, You need to discuss this with your Manager ASAP. You need to tell him very politely, that you are new to the job and that you need some time to get the hang of the job

Lakshmi asked, Amit, I don’t think my seniors understand what I say.. Often we end up doing double work because I feel i’ve not been able to communicate what I want to.. Somedays I get so frustrated that I feel like saying ‘go hang team work’ and do all work myself… Is there any way I can make them understand better?
Amit Bansal answers, sometimes it is frustrating when the team does not think the way you do, but the fact is that one cannot work in isolation. maybe you could discuss with the team and see how things can be made better?

pcbhatt asked, Please say some thing about speaking skill and, how can I develop it?
Amit Bansal answers, speaking skills can be developed with practice. For this the mirror is your best friend. Stand in front of the mirror and speak to yourself.

Usha asked, Amit, Is it okay to use informal language in office mails if the other person (who is your senior) has used informal language in mails? What about the use of smileys? Is it okay to use them in mails?
Amit Bansal answers, No. I would not use informal language on mails even if my seniors do that.

Anu asked, Amit, what should you do when a colleague is trying to hit on you in the organization. I am scared to report as it will be my word against his. I don’t want to loose this job as I like the profile I have here. Please let me know if there is a way in which I can handle this..
Amit Bansal answers, You need to be assertive Anu. You dont have to get into confrontational mode,but do speak to this colleague and make it very clear to the colleague that you are disturbed by this victimization. Only then should you take it up with a higher authority.

zia asked, i get very nervous when i have to address a group. how to overcome that?
Amit Bansal answers, I know that feeling. We all go through it. To some extent being ready ie well prepared and rehearal wof your presentation will take care of that

sushovan asked, Hi Amit, What are the main points to keep in mind while talking to colleaugues? Ours is a very open kind of organization, so although there is not much formality, do you still think you need keep some points in mind while communicating with my seniors and colleagues?
Amit Bansal answers, sushovan, while speaking to colleagues your interpersonal skills are tested to the maximum. you need to use words carefully along with appropriate body language

pcbhatt asked, I want improve my communication skill, please advice how can I?
Amit Bansal answers, To improve communication skills you need to develop 4 skills- ie Listening, speaking, reading and writing

Chat Date: September 5, 2012


Policybazaar to hire 500 people in next two months, NEW DELHI

Web-based, which enables consumers compare and analyse insurance products, today said it will hire 500 people in the next two months to ramp up operations as it aims to double revenues to Rs 50 crore this fiscal.

At present, the company has over 800 people spread across functions like help desk quality of service, HR and administration.

We have about 600 employees assisting people make up their mind about the policy they want, while the remaining are in other administrative teams. With the growth that we have seen and are now targeting, we will have to ramp up headcount,” Policybazaar Co-founder and COO Avaneesh Nirjar told PTI.

Founded in 2008, the website presents comparative analysis of the insurance and loan products based on price, quality and key features.

It claims that more than 20 million unique users visit the portal each year to compare insurance offerings and close to 30,000 people every month make their insurance purchase based on inputs received on

The company, however, does not sell any policies. “Close to Rs 200 crore of new insurance business is generated by us and our revenue model is based on advertising and marketing that we get from these companies. Last year, the net revenue was about Rs 25 crore and the target for this year is to double it to Rs 50 crore,” he said.

Policybazaar also recently expanded to other product categories like credit cards and loans.

There is a surge in traffic that we are witnessing and to cater to that and help people make up their mind on the right product for them, we are looking at adding about 400 people to our contact centre in Gurgaon in the next 4-6 weeks,” he said. Another 100 will be added to quality of service team as well as IT support team, as the platform is an important driver for maintaining quality as well as up-to-date information on the varied offerings from different players,” he added.

Policybazaar has received two rounds of funding till date. The first round was in September 2008, where it raised Rs 20 crore from Infoedge (, while the second was in April last year.

Source: The Economic Times