Effective time management at the workplace

It may sound like a cliched statement but there just doesn’t seem to be enough time in the day. If you were to ask working professionals they will tell you that they feel like they are constantly chasing the clock. However, if you find yourself always running out of time, then you should consider having a schedule to manage your time, which is going to help you prioritise your time and show you how to accomplish more in less time and with less stress.

Time management begins with the realisation that without some thought and planning, we are likely to waste a great deal of time in the future and have already wasted a huge amount of our life span in the past. By using proven methods we can make the most of whatever time we have.


Below Q & A session was answered by Amit Bansal, CEO PurpleLeap


sanjeet asked, How do i manage my time to get result more effective n fruitful,, i waste my time aloat in doing nothing n keep sitting idle , i want to make my day productive
Amit Bansal answers, Well I am sure you know the answer to your question. Self discipline is the only way.

sanky asked, Hi, In office most of the time I spent in solving others issue or addressing their problem being a senior member that is one of my job but due to this not able to concentrate on my work and hence need to slog. Please advice
Amit Bansal answers, You need to create an assertive environment around you where you can say no. Please understand that you cannot solve others’ problems and still be able to do your own tasks. You can only do one thing at a time. Either finish your tasks and if time permits help others. But you cannot always keep helping others and also create time for your own work.

ajay asked, what is diff between following a time table and the time management?
Amit Bansal answers, A task list or to do list is more appropriate than a time table. You may need more time to complete some tasks and in that case a time table may not work.

Oarchilos asked, We had a time management session for my employees, Did motivate them for a small spell of time, but it faded away in due course
Amit Bansal answers, Creating regular activities to maintain time management helps. Rewards and recognition based on their area of work is important. The rewards need not be big however small appreciations help.

priyanka asked, How to manage time when there is no work in office 🙂
Amit Bansal answers, That’s a great opportunity to spend time on self development activities.

Sanjay asked, I think and follow time etc for 2-3 days but after some time again i get into old habbit finding myself behind time. how we can overcome this?
Amit Bansal answers, Reward yourself each time you complete your tasks on time. That is a great motivator.

naren asked, I have been loaded with so many projects, how do i get time for my personal improvements?
Amit Bansal answers, Like I mentioned a to do list always help. Its important you do not compromise on either your professional or personal projects. To manage time it sometimes becomes important that we go ahead and say no to a few things. So it’s alright to set priorities to tasks and if some tasks can be removed or moved to the next day, so be it.

Jayshree asked, how to motivate groups for efficient time-management?
Amit Bansal answers, You must organize some teasers or reward games in teams to motivate people about time management.

Nitesh asked, How can we effectively managed time in office as most of time went in team and client query and phone calls and our personal weekly target get impacted and to cover up we have to work on the weekend. Plz advice
Amit Bansal answers, Ideally a to do list should be created as soon as we get in the office. This helps in managing the day effectively.

Source: http://www.rediff.com

Chat date: September 12, 2012


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