Major goof ups you need to avoid in an interview

Interviews are a part and parcel of the life of each and every professional. They provide an opportunity to move ahead in life and look for brighter horizons. For a fresher, interviews provide the first brush with the corporate life and therefore are even more important. Every aspirant tries to perform his best for an interview; however, there are certain common mistakes which everyone should learn to avoid in order not to leave a negative impression on the interviewer’s minds. Most of these mistakes are subconscious in nature and the best way to avoid them is to be aware of them.

Spelling mistakes and errors in the resume are the simplest way to put off an interviewer. By doing that you cut a sorry figure in front of the interviewer as they think that a person who is not serious about her/his career will not be serious about the job.

Experts say that seventy percent of our communication is through our body language. A candidate needs to remember that avoiding eye contact, improper sitting positions, not showing interest to the questions will not go well with interviewers. They will feel that the candidate is not interested in the job and will get switched off.

Basic etiquettes like switching your cell phone off and wearing proper clothes are expected of all candidates. You should not go for an interview dressed casually as it speaks a lot about your attitude and an interviewer will brand you unprofessional without even speaking to you. Similarly, a cell phone ringing in the middle of an interview also smacks of unprofessional behavior.

Below are the Q&A Session answered by Amit Bansal, CEO PurpleLeap

ritz9 asked, thanks mr bhansal sorry got logged out and cudnt enter chat with same name ritz. i tried to contact my previous employer unfortunately the people who used to work that time in management they r not in the company anymore and they have moved to diff jobs so i am not able to get any kinda docs from them thats y i am in a fix that will the companies accept the explanation abt that experience

Amit Bansal answers, In that case, contact the HR of this new organization and explain to them the complete scenario. Usually HR have different policies regarding such issues. Also, in the meanwhile look for ways you can procure some proof from your previous employer to substantiate your employment and salary package.

Kavit asked, How much research should one do about the organization?
Amit Bansal answers, You should have a fair idea about the organization’s overall business. That should do it.

hellokumar asked, If I am changing job after 7 yeears and interviewer asks why I didnot change earlier, what should be the correct answer?
Amit Bansal answers, You can state that there was enough for your explore and learn during these 7 years and you did not feel the need to change. Now that you have spent so long in an organization you would like to explore newer opportunities and avenues to expand your professional experience.

ritz asked, after my graduation i worked in a training institute for more than 2 yrs and it was not a regular pay job but it was related to my field of selection so for work experience i worked there. they used to pay me by cash sometimes and then i got a professional jobin the same field. now after 4 yrs i wanna switch job. i want to use that training job experience as well but i dont have any proof such as payslip or experience letter. my friends r saying not to put the experience but if i dont then there is a break of 3 yrs after my graduation. cud u pl advice me wat to do
Amit Bansal answers, You can reach your old employer and give you a letter stating that you worked for them. They can also mention your salary in that letter. Most organizations will accept that kind of documentation. Also, I suggest explain to your new HR about the circumstances of this old job.

anoop asked, If interviewer asks “why u want to leave your present organisation”?? I am changing job for better prospects and to grow professionally as current job there is no growth to next postition
Amit Bansal answers, I suggest refrain from talking about the limitations of the current job and focus more on the opportunities in the job you have applied for.

japru asked, bansal sir, if i am leaving my current organisation with 1 year of service only though i have got exp of more then 12 yrs and if interviwer ask why i am leaving this organisation so early then what wouold be my answer
Amit Bansal answers, One year is a very short time to leave an organization. You will need to give a very convincing answer to your interviewer.

anil1 asked, I had a two year gap after class 12 which is making it difficult for me to get into an IT company. What can I do to get into one.
Amit Bansal answers, You may opt to work for smaller organizations first and then try for big IT companies. However, I am sure there are IT companies who would like you to justify the break for two years after 12th and would be willing to hire you if the reasons are genuine.

SK asked, What is the best answer for th equestion Like”why u want to leave your present organisation”??
Amit Bansal answers, This question is really to check your professional association with organizations and people you work with. I suggest not to give any information which reflects negative about your previous employers or colleagues. Instead maybe you can mention for personal and professional growth you would like to move and also because your experience matches the organization’s requirement.

Vicky asked, Amit, What kind of clothes should you wear for an interview?
Amit Bansal answers, Business formals or smart formals will be a good attire for an interview.

Wagle asked, What kind of answer do interviewers expect for the question ‘Why should we select you for this job?’ I’ve already mentioned my qualification and everything in my resume. So what else do they want to know.. Also I would not know who the other people they have interviewed are and what percentage they have..
Amit Bansal answers, This question is a very good opportunity for you to highlight your skills, knowledge and attitude that will fit the job description and the organization’s goals. Match yourself to the job requirement.

Vimla asked, Amit, how long an answer should we be prepared for the question ‘Tell me something about yourself’
Amit Bansal answers, It should be a very confident answer and should not be for more than 2 to 3 minutes. Try scripting your response. That helps to ensure you do not miss out the important details.

Bala asked, Iam going for a final round of interview with the ceo. What kind of body language will i need to display ? How i need to sit where should i keep my hands ?
Amit Bansal answers, I would suggest, dress professionally. You need not wear a tie however ensure you are wearing business formals. Body language should not distract the interviewer. Sit straight with your back firmly rested on the back rest of the chair. You can keep your hands on the armrest of the chair or if you are sitting close to the table it can be on the table as well. Whatever body language you use, ensure you are comfortable. Wear a smile. That’s the most important thing about a good body language. It will also make you feel comfortable and less nervous.

gafoorup asked, Mr. Bansal – Do we really need to be 100% truthful in an interview? Or shall we keep some room for manipulation?
Amit Bansal answers, I would not suggest manipulating information during an interview. However I advice keep all information you give about yourself on the professional front. You can choose not to reveal certain things however not manipulate.

Chat Date: September 26, 2012



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