How to motivate self and others

Motivating self and others is a great skill by itself. One can achieve a lot while completely motivated and reach the desired goals. While an organisation goal or a group goal has to be achieved then it becomes really important for the a team player to be motivated and meantime enhance the motivation of the team members.

Below are the Q&A are answered by Amit Bansal, CEO PurpleLeap

sreekanth asked, My problem is that I have been given a Asst.Manager post recently and was told that that I have handle few additional depts. The guy who is there in the dept. which I was and still in does not bother to intimate me anything and directly goes to my reporting boss(dept.head) which is a real humiliation to me. Even my boss seems to give a deaf hears to it when brought to his notice. what should i do?
Amit Bansal answers, This happens when promotions happen within departments. People take time to adjust to the new set of supervisors. I would suggest give it a little time for this person to see you as a partner at work rather than a threat. Do not expect this to happen immediately. Also, please understand people do not respond to hierarchy positively all the time. So just take things slow, this is your learning process as well.

sukrudra asked, How to keep motivated with mediocre salary, no project work but allocated to project, can forsee apprisals to be bad in future, gloomy job market, low salary raise, do not get roles as per expereince and cannot switch career after having been with it for more than 10 years now as I will have to start as a fresher.
Amit Bansal answers, Even if you cannot change your industry you can find a new organization to work for. Maybe that will help.

sai asked, I am in a company in which there is very less growth. I am paid a good package and people look at me as a white elephant. But my position is such that i cannot really show them the results since neither the management nor the product supports me. I ma selling an out dated product. At the same time i cannot change to other companies since there are less number of vacancies for my level. I do not want to change my place of work. I am getting d emotivated very periodically. Growth is too minimal from year to year . I am in confused stage . Please advice
Amit Bansal answers, It seems to be a sticky situation for me. I have always loved the 5 why analysis and would extend it to you. It’s a basic tool but has helped me in such sticky situations where the solution is very difficult to derive it. Start with finding you why is the organization still keeping you? Why is that there is not room for you to innovate in the current situation? Why can you not turn around this mindset of you being looked at a liability? I am sure asking such questions will give you some leads to turn around this situation. I have always believed that solutions are available if we are determined to find them. Hope this will help.

ANAMIKA asked, hi,Sir, I am an article trainee .the work in my firm is very less which is an advantage at one time since it gives me time to study but on the other hand i am not getting much work exposure …and also being a part of the audit group(external to the organisation) how to develope relationship with clients?
Amit Bansal answers, I think you are lucky to get an exposure to clients so early in your career. Clients always want to be attended to. If you are able to take care of that aspect you will always have good relationships with them. Now you cannot fulfill their wishes all the time and so there comes the opportunity to learn to cater to client needs under all kinds of restrictions. You are in a very challenging domain. I would suggest you to enjoy yourself and have a great time learning.

gs1 asked, I m a government servant. Some time for days together, there is no work in my office. This tires me and makes me demotivated. This also gives me feeling of not being relevant. How to deal with this situation.
Amit Bansal answers, I suggest you to engage yourself with productive activities outside work. Join a professional group or pursue a hobby. You can also extend your services to teach or train people. I think its a good opportunity to pursue your interests since you have so much time at hand.

anoop asked, how can one be motivated when some people who are getting more attention despite of low knowledge and less work
Amit Bansal answers, Hi Anoop, you will always find such situation in other places as well. It’s a good idea to focus on what benefits you are drawing through your work. If you focus on your learning you will be able to use it in other places you work. I would suggest do not waste your precious time worrying about what kind of recognition other people get.

sachin asked, How do I motivate myself.. I am engaged to same kind of work from past 3 years. I get bored.
Amit Bansal answers, If the work is not very engaging, its a good idea to find a new job now. Or within the organization look for newer opportunities. Whichever is more feasible for you personally and professionally.

Trainee asked, Hi Amit, I am part of team and my actual and functional supervisor is based at other location, for administrative purpose my attendance is mapped under some one here from other department, how ever the local supervisor thinks he is the super boss and wants me to contribute time to his tasks. i am really pissed of by his daily hope less gyan sessions and amateur follow up on silly non achievable things. but cannot reply back as he is at a senior position in the organisation.
Amit Bansal answers, I suggest you bring this up with your actual supervisor who is at a different location. Sometimes, it is necessary to bring these things in the notice of your reporting managers and also the fact that someone is taking undue advantage of your situation. However, I suggest do not approach your manager in a complaining mode. Check with him if you are expected to report to the local supervisor and pitch in for his tasks as well. If you are told yes you have to, explain to your supervisor how it is difficult because your hands are already full and if your manager says no, let him know that you are being asked to do tasks outside your KRAs.

paadu asked, To succeed in the workplace, you need to be at your best, and you can only truly be at your best when you are motivated to work. With the proper inner drive, everything can seamlessly fall into place. So how can you motivate yourself at the office day in and day out?
Amit Bansal answers, Well, it is not possible to be motivated at all times. You will have regular intervals of dissatisfaction and low morale. It’s important that you do the things you like to do and like the things you do. However at the same time keep in mind that we are human beings who will have the low points as much as we will have the high points.

asa asked, My problem is; I do not get much work from my organization (which is a research organization) and I have to create my own work. I am statistician and my organization is biology based. As I can not relocate to some other city I have to remain here only. I am getting enough salary but not satisfied with the work I am doing.What can I do?
Amit Bansal answers, On a lighter note, hope you are not worried just because you have no reason to worry. 🙂 You have a good job, place which is of your own choice and enough time to do things you would want to do. I suggest align yourself to other activities of your interest. You are a statistician, you can offer honorary services to other institutions or research work. You will never find a place where you get 100% satisfaction professionally. I suggest engage in activities which will use your skills outside your organization.

ssch asked, How shall i motivate myself when my boss is not showing interest in engaging in big assignments
Amit Bansal answers, If you are someone who requires external motivation to be at your best, this is a good learning opportunity for you. At a workplace you may not get appreciation always. It is a good idea to learn to self motivate. Also, working for yourself is more important than working for your boss. If you do these changes in your outlook towards people and tasks you will feel inspired to work in a different way even if your boss is not appreciating you.


Chat date: October 3, 2012

Source: rediff


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