How to excel in a Group Discussion

kandys asked, how do we control a person who tries to hog all the time for himself and not let others speak
Amit Bansal answers, It is alright to interrupt and ask them to give time to others. However the choice of words has to be kept in mind.

Roopali asked, once in a GD, all my team members spoke against the topic and I to get noticed spoke for the topic. But i struggled hard to speak to hold on my point. can you suggest what can be done in such circumstances?
Amit Bansal answers, You must not speak against or for a topic to try to be different from others. You should be convinced about a topic when you are speaking about it. In this case, even if you are talking against the majority of the speakers you will have enough points to make to let your voice be heard.

Manohar asked, Hi, In GD, I might not have much to say, but probably have talked about a point which is very strong and correct. But my words are not heard, or ignored? Is it ok to repeat same point again and again? or how to handle this situation ?
Amit Bansal answers, Even if you are repeating what you are saying, try and put it in a different way maybe with an example or an anecdote.

ramsingh asked, What strategy has to be adopted if one is not very familiar with the topic of discussion?
Amit Bansal answers, Wait for others to speak first if you do not know about the topic much. When some people have spoken you will have a little idea about the subject and then pick up cues from other’s ideas and make up your comment. The only reason why you would not be able to speak on a topic at all, will only be if you are not in a habit of reading or keeping abreast with the current affairs.

smruti asked, in spite of performing well in written and interview at IIM ENTRANCE, could not get selected due to GD ground, why there is no weightage to my merit otherwise?
Amit Bansal answers, Your performance in GD is not dependent on your ability to successfully complete your written test. I would suggest you to recap the various things you did during the GD and analyse how these things may have affected your selection.

ramsingh asked, How to intrupt afellow who is not giving chance to others to speak despite repetaed requests?
Amit Bansal answers, You can interrupt by raising your hand while someone else is speaking. If someone does not pay attention to you even after raising hands you can verbally ask them to excuse you to speak and if that also does not help you can stand up to show that you want to speak. However, standing up is your last option.

Rohan asked, What are the important things which have to be taken into account..while going for a group discussion ?
Amit Bansal answers, During a group discussion a panel is assessing your knowledge about the subject, your interpersonal communication, your ability to handle disagreements, overall body language and leadership qualities to some extent. So if you display these attributes positively. You can be successful in any group discussion.

raj asked, Sir, what should i do to become fluent in english ? without which i am zero now.
Amit Bansal answers, To learn any language you need to make it a part of your daily conversation. Speak, listen and read English often during the day and it will help you improve your communication in the language.

Source: Rediff

Chat Date: November 29,2012


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