Learning is Fun, with PurpleLeap – NIEC

                                                                                                                                                           By Hemika Kumar – Business Skills Trainer

“Learning is fun, with PurpleLeap”-an apt statement. The unique methodology of learning communication skills via activities is rendered by PurpleLeap by its ‘Communication Skills Enhancement Program (CSEP)’.

PurpleLeap organized its GO GREEN Activity on 22nd Nov’2012 at Northern India Engineering College (NIEC), New Delhi.



Go Green activity at NIEC has undoubtedly proved as a stepping stone for the Trainers and PurpleLeap. The activity took place with second year students of all the batches (CSE, MEA, IT, ECE, MCA). 75 students participated in this activity and there wasn’t any dip in the attendance. These students were divided into seven groups. The students were bought out of their comfort zones.



The activity started with a Documentary, whereby students surprised us with their unique and amazing ideas. They chose topics like ‘3 R’s –Reduce- Reuse- Recycle’, ‘Tree Revolution’, ‘Water Saviors’ and more.  The students recorded the comments in their voice with a beautiful message ‘ACT BEFORE IT’S TOO LATE’. A student of CSE Batch sung a song in between the documentary which was composed by their group, which acted as a cherry on the cake.


Post documentaries, we conducted a WALKATHON in the college premises on ‘GO GREEN’ to enlighten masses to protect our environment. The students were full of enthusiasm, which helped them to attract college’s attention including faculties, HODs and the Director.

The students then performed a Street Show (Nukkad Natak) in front of the entire campus which helped them to gain confidence and fight against stage fear.

“I had goose bumps, before I started performing” – MCA student, NIEC



It was stunning to know that almost 70% of the participants of this activity have never performed on stage ever. Thanks to CSEP sessions, the students came ahead with flying colors.


PurpleLeap has always motivated students through its training. The students were encouraged with the following AWARDS-


      Best Speaker

      Best Documentary         

      Best Promotion

      Best Script

      Best Team

      Best Brochure                                                                                                     

     Show Stealer                                                                                                      


Communication Skills, Team work, Creativity, Confidence building were some of the learning through this activity conducted in a boot camp.

Special Thanks to the NIEC Team for mentoring the student throughout the boot camp.




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