Gala Day at AITS, Udaipur

by Ritu Bhatia Nagdev, Business Skills Consultant

“Without continual growth and progress, such words as improvement, achievement, and success have no meaning”

-Benjamin Franklin

Another unforgettable experience in my journey with PurpleLeap has been added to my life. After successful completion of the first Boot-Camp, it was time for another 3 days of activities at Aravali Institute of Technical Studies with B.Tech III Semester students. These three days were nothing less than a gala feast for the students along with rigorous training sessions. The performances during competitions were far beyond our expectations. The students who were afraid to even speak in English in-front of the class a few weeks back, and then they broke all barriers when they performed in front of a big gathering. Once again, students proved that they can do wonders if given right platform.


Picture 037

During the Boot-Camp Activities, teams of students were given the task on Day 1 and Day 2 to prepare and perform a street play in English. Final competitions held on Day 3 started with a Chat Show on ‘Education System in India’ where many ideas, criticisms, solutions to improve education system were expressed by the students. Along with opinion conflicts, cross questions, the Chat Show was concluded with one of the quotes given by a student ‘Education is not life, Life is education’. Non-Participants of the street play were given chance to speak and express their opinion in the Chat Show.

Picture 041Picture 038Picture 040

There were street plays on other social issues like domestic violence, say no to drugs, child labour, superstition, corruption etc where groups made posters to convey message, one of the groups made a train and conveyed the message by moving in the seminar hall in the form of train, some groups showed videos to convey their message, another group asked the audience to vow to never be a part of domestic violence. Students acted exceptionally well too, one student performed as a Baba, and another male student tried hard to perform as a daughter-in-law, one student became a very greedy and strict mother-in-law, and another student performed the role of small child working at a stall. Throughout the performances audience enjoyed, laughed, appreciated and took the messages delivered. The creativity in the street plays was commendable.

During these days, students amazed us and college faculty by overcoming strongly from many challenges like the challenge of speaking in English, conflicts in group, preparing the tasks in a short span of time, arranging required things for performances etc. College people also appreciated PurpleLeap sessions and for giving the students a platform to open up.

Picture 042Picture 043

The bootcamp ended with a prize distribution ceremony and a token of appreciation by College Management Members. The most rewarding part of this program was that every student was content because they participated even though not all won a prize. They thanked the PurpleLeap trainers for providing them with this opportunity and allowing them to show their talent, enhance confidence and a way to know their friends better by working in a team. They added, “‘PurpleLeap Sessions’ have brought many changes in them as now they are more confident, they are overcoming their stage-fear, they are able to find themselves more focused towards their career goals.”

As a trainer it was a proud moment for me because the students for whom we planned the entire event saw the difference it made to their personality and seriousness towards their professional goals.

I would like to take this opportunity also to congratulate and thank all my team members, seniors from Bangalore team for the support. We are also thankful to college management for supporting at every level.

Like it’s said Success is a journey.

And for us the journey continues…


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