Are you ready for your face-to-face interview

After months of searching for a new position you have finally been invited to come in for a face-to-face interview. What are you going to do to maximise your chances of getting an offer that will advance you toward your career goals. Remember that a job interview is a two-way process. It ought to be a time when two parties seek to gain a better understanding of each other and why it would make sense to get together.

Always remember that you cannot underestimate your competition and all of them are working hard to enjoy the same fruit. Face to face interview is the only parameter that will decide who will win the marathon and who will be the also-rans. Therefore preparation for an interview is essential. Just to underline the importance of preparation, remember, that many well prepared candidates have a better chance of getting selected than many well qualified ones. Therefore prepare, prepare and prepare!

A few important areas that one needs to address in her/his interview preparations include one’s tone, body posture, enthusiasm, subject knowledge, background research on the company, knowledge of the role, etiquettes and one’s ability to showcase oneself as the right fit.

Below are Q & A session answered by Amit Bansal, CEO PurpleLeap

Rachna asked, how do i sound humble during interview

Amit Bansal answers, Well, sometimes we tend to mix self respect with pride or sometimes even arrogance. That is where we fail to sound humble. A tip is to mention achievements as just stepping stones in your career that you have worked hard for. Mention them but don;t show off or compare them with others’. Let the interviewer draw the comparisons.

Deepak asked, how to judge a company prime-facia basis to know the chance of a better enviornment and your survival . as I have seen cases where companies offer a good salary and were very bad in retaining ppl because of enviorment issue
Amit Bansal answers, Well, remember the same company may be really great for someone and not so good for someone else. As far as background check is concerned one can always go by the reviews either via internet or ex or current employees of that organisation. Ask them questions that are important to you.

Atul asked, if interviewer ask waht will you contribute to the organisation, what will be our reply
Amit Bansal answers, Here the recruiter wants to know how can you be a value add to their organisation. You need to highlight your strengths that you have demonstrated in your previous projects that have contributed towards the improvement of the process and helped you achieve something.

Boss asked, Hi Amit, you pls tell about some of the positive body language to display during the interview.
Amit Bansal answers, Tips: 1. Project confidence but not arrogance 2 Be realxed but don’t slouch 3. Do not be uptight and stiff. 4. Answer slowly and not in a rush 5 Eye contact while talking 6. Be crisp while responding. 7. Dress formally. 8. Be realistic and show a learning and excelling approach towards things.

SKN asked, What we need to ask when the interviewer allows us to ask a question .
Amit Bansal answers, There are many questions one can ask depending upon what you would like to know : 1. Qualities they are looking for in a candidate. 2. Process related questions. 3. Anything specific you would like to know about the position you are applying for.

Jmk asked, Hi Amit, I am currently stressed because of my current job conditions and when I go for an interview it shows.. Can you tell me how can I handle this and hide it in interviews
Amit Bansal answers, It is normal to get stressed during an interview. If you are already working somewhere, then it is a good idea to go for an interview on a day off so that you are not bothered by work related issues. Read about the company, prepare well for the interview so that it boosts your confidence and most importantly relax, the recruiters are also people who have faced these interviews themselves. There is no need to get worked up or intimidated.

Testing asked, Hi Amit would like to know that its a good idea to rejoin again previous company if yes then HR must ask this question why you left us earlier..any good suggestion
Amit Bansal answers, Nowdays, there are so many people who join their previous companies again. There are personal or professional reasons that make the people to leave the organisation but what is important is to convince them that you loved , enjoyed and learnt a lot working with them which has inspired you to come back.

SANJEEV asked, what points should be covered for question ‘Tell me something about yourself’
Amit Bansal answers, When this question is asked, the recruiters usually expect information that is relevant to them like educational qualification, professional experience, previous organisations, any important projects undertaken. They usually ask for more information if they need it.

g_amit22 asked, What should be the answeres for job change / why are u looking for a change/ why not u took any change if u are from a long time??
Amit Bansal answers, My suggestion to people who face this question is to be honest. There are several reasons why people look for a job change like: 1. Knowlege gain and exposure. 2. Learning various other aspects of a business which the company specifically provides. 3. Excel in their field. 4. Learn and at the same time contribute your learning to that company. 5. Career growth and better opportunity to excel. Again there are several reasons possible but always give the one that is honest and you can explain it. As far as time factor is concerned it is a good thing if you have spent a considerable amount of time in an organisation as it talks about your stability and loyality factor.

SHAM asked, how to attract interviewer
Amit Bansal answers, Every recruiter looks for some specific qualities in a candidate which they relate with the position, process or maybe even the company.Having said that, there are certain qualities that all recruiters look for like subject matter expertise, confidence, ambition and attitude towards things.

Mohan asked, How to dress up before going for an Interview ?.
Amit Bansal answers, It is advisable to dress formally for any interview. There are some organisations who do not follow any particular kind of dress code however, at the time of the interview every aspect of your personality is judged. It is always safe to dress formally.

sam asked, how to end the interview ?
Amit Bansal answers, Ending an interview is a generic question.There is no fixed or standard ending for any interview. The flow of the conversation itself decides the end. Usually, once you have show cased your side, the ending is left on the interviewer.

SHAM asked, Sir How to Introduce myself as the biggest and catching format
Amit Bansal answers, Introductions need not be elaborate. They should be honest, crisp and effective. Honest as in stating whatever experience you have, crisp as in short and effective as in mentioning the relevant information first depending on what the interviewer has asked.

Chat Date: 16 January, 2013




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