New IIMs find little favour with top consulting firms

Asit Dogra quit his two-year-old job at a Mumbai broking firm to join the Indian Institute of Management (IIM), Raipur. His aim: Joining a top consulting firm after an IIM degree. But, with these consulting firms continuing to evade the new IIMs, Dogra is considering an alternative job option.

“I thought an IIM would give me the right platform to make a jump, but in vain. We have been trying very hard to get the top consulting firms like Mckinsey and Boston Consulting Group on campus for placements but have not been successful so far. So many students who wished to join consulting have decided otherwise now,” says Dogra.

A placement committee member at IIM Raipur confirms the B-school has been trying to invite more consulting firms on campus this year but, being a new IIM, it has become difficult to attract them. “We are in constant touch with the HR department of these companies but the results are not very encouraging,” he said.



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