PurpleLeap @ KSSEM,Bangalore – Poster Presentation Event

                                                     By Naval Gupta, Consultant-Business Skills, PurpleLeap

The Program
 PurpleLeap conducted IB2 program on Presentation Skills for one week in fast track mode
 From the pre-assessment it was found the students were on 1 to 2 on a scale of 1-5
 Students practiced presentation skills using tools and techniques shared
 Initially students were hesitant in coming up and speaking
 10 hours of sessions with the students included – Structure, Power Opening, STAR & FEASTED
 After which a mid-program event was organized

The Mid-Program Event
 In order to encourage students PurpleLeap trainers initiated an inter-group competition
 Students were asked to create a poster in groups on the learning they had in PurpleLeap training
 They were also asked to prepare a 10 minute presentation
 The college auditorium was prepared for the event
 On the day of the event the groups pasted their posters on the walls of the auditorium like arranging stalls in science fairs
 Team members stood next to their posters and explained to the visitors what they have made
 A total of 92 students attended the event
 The Principal of the College, Dr. Sridhara and HODs from various departments were also present
 From each team, members came on the stage to make presentations on both technical and non-technical subjects using:
o Skits
o Videos
o Powerpoint
 The event gave students confidence to stand, speak and share their learning
 Best poster and Best presentation teams were awarded based on design and delivery
 One student demonstrated high levels of presentation skills and was encouraged with the “Show Stealer” prize
 Seven students were also given best presenters prize

Dr. Sridhara (College Principal) remarked, “I am happy to see the progress students have made, from not being able to talk to each other to coming on stage and giving good presentations. I would say that this type of training not only helps you for getting job but also to excel in life and for overall development.”
It was a mid-program event and has built excitement towards the second part of the program in March.


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