Thanks for the letter, but what about the job?

Several engineering graduates of 2012, who were made job offers by IT firms more than a year ago, are yet to join their respective employers. With the economic climate not upbeat last year, several companies have been going slow with the induction of freshers.

In January, during their results conference, both Infosys and Wipro had stated that hiring reflects their business needs and is adjusted as per their business plans. This resulted in staggered hiring, with freshers joining in batches.

While many students from Tier I colleges have already been inducted in August and December, those from lesser-known colleges are still waiting. 22-year-old computer engineer Siddharth AV is one such unfortunate fresher. He has with him a job offer since last January, boasting of an annual pay packet of `2.2 lakhs from a mid-sized IT company in the city. But after graduating from a college in Chikaballapur in June, the wait to enter corporate corridors has been endless.
Repeated communication with the prospective employer has yielded only the monotonous “we will get back to you” response.

Instead of idling, Siddharth ended up doing a course in embedded technology, costing `45,000, in the hope that the course could give him some competitive edge. “I have been scouting for other jobs. I have posted my resume on various job sites. But nothing has come my way,” says Siddharth, whose offer letter from the IT firm has been gathering dust in the cupboard.

Siddharth’s neighbour Ranjini Reddy, who also had an offer letter in hand while graduating in June from an engineering institute, has on the other hand been “practically doing nothing”. I have just been waiting and waiting, she said. “I have applied in two BPO firms but there is no word from there as well. This software company, which had given me the offer, says they will get back.”

Job experts say several city freshers were in the same boat like Siddharth and Ranjini.”Getting a job in the open market without many contacts and referrals turns out 100 times tougher than through placements done through colleges.
But in these cases, waiting for that joining call can get frustrating, when the students have offers in hand,” says Bhupesh Gupta, director of recruitment firm Krizalis Consulting, adding that many freshers then end up doing part-time courses in mobile communications, programming etc.

According to Kris Lakshmikanth, MD of search firm HeadHunters India, the eventual joining of these freshers can happen slowly anywhere from May to December this year, which means a wait of nearly 12-18 months for freshers after their graduation.



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